What’s Next for Dish? LightSquared?

According to an article published by Bloomberg, Dish Network might partner with or buy its way further into the wireless business. Earlier this year, Dish Network, the nation’s second largest satellite entertainment provider, acquired spectrum in transactions that resulted in the purchase of DBSD America and Terrastar Network. Last month, in a paper filed at the FCC, Dish Network requested permissions to offer mobile high-speed Internet services to its customers.

Speaking with Bloomberg, Dish Network CEO Joseph Clayton said, “We’ll look at partnerships, acquisitions, all of the above,” in response to whether Dish was considering purchasing or partnering with Clearwire or Sprint. He added, “there are several missing pieces, wireless infrastructure, additional technology capabilities and even distribution are pieces that we are working on. Stay tuned.”

This all leads to the question of what Dish’s plans mean for LightSquared, who previously announced a deal with Sprint. LightSquared must pass through more rounds of testing and verification to clear the way for its wholesale wireless distribution service. The GPS industry, the Department of Defense, Federal Aviation, and agricultural and surveying interests are all on record opposing LightSquared due to demonstrated interference in the spectrum. LightSquared published an open letter in major newspapers this morning designed to take the issue to the underserved.

It’s important to note that Dish Network’s spectrum band does not create interference with GPS applications.

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