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Tuesday, June 12, 2012   Tag: Social Media

Jonah Arellano
By Jonah Arellano

NTCA Facebook Page with the new Timeline layout feature

NTCA’s Facebook Page with the new Timeline layout feature


As you’ve probably noticed, Facebook updated all brand pages to the new timeline layout. The most noticeable features of the new timeline layout take advantage of telling your story visually. A recent white paper from social media management platform Wildfire Interactive and Facebook analytics platform EdgeRank Checker determined that the most engaging type of content on Facebook was photos. Interaction rates for photos are more than seven times higher than status messages—the second most engaging type of content.  According to Mashable, Facebook Timeline Product Manager Sam Lessin said, “Timeline for profiles was designed to make Facebook a better medium for individuals to tell the stories that create their identities, and the philosophy for brands is no different.”

One of the most prominent features of the new layout is the cover photo featured at the top of the page. It’s an important piece of real estate, and telcos can use it as an opportunity to feature something powerful and captivating that portrays company branding, tells a story or perhaps features special promotions. Digital consultant Jon Loomer of Jon Loomer Digital, shared a helpful infographic regarding image dimensions for Facebook timeline.

Another visually appealing feature that telcos can take advantage of is the milestones feature. This allows you to connect with consumers on a personal level by sharing important events that affected your company. When creating a milestone, you can enter the event, location, date, and add a story and photo. For example, telcos can share how their company was founded.

You can also take advantage of Timeline’s new content “pinning” feature to make sure your company’s most important post remains at the top of the page where it can be seen immediately. Pin selected content so that visitors can see it is a priority message. To pin something, hover over a post until two icons appear on the top right corner of the post. Select “Edit or Remove” (the pencil icon), and then select “Pin to the Top.”

Finally, if you have a really great photo to share, make sure you take advantage of the highlight feature. The highlight feature (star icon) is located beside the “Edit or Remove” icon when you hover over a post on your Timeline. The feature will stretch the selected post across the two columns, giving it a prominence amongst other posts.

How has your telco taken advantage of these new features? Share your stories and ideas in the comments section.

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