Tuesday, February 7

1:15 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
All roundtables repeat 2:15 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Broadband’s Impact on Health Care

The future of healthcare costs and delivery of services are tied to broadband, especially in rural areas. Learn how insurers are growing more dependent upon telehealth solutions, what that means for you, and how to mitigate the impact of future health care costs.

Consolidations and Combinations

Creative consolidations are sprouting up in many places with many resourceful solutions to today’s challenges. Newly devised business combinations are becoming commonplace as telcos continue to learn how to thrive in a changing environment. Share how your telco has risen to the challenge.

New Director/First-Time Attendee Forum

Calling all new directors and first-time attendees! This is the place to get your questions answered about the many educational events and services offered by NTCA. Our team is ready to help you maximize your participation and membership dues, so prepare your questions.

Uncovering New Revenue Streams

New revenue streams are plentiful, but where do you find them? The paths may be different for each telco, but you can learn from those that have gone before you. Discuss how your company is making money in non-traditional ways. And just what is traditional nowadays anyway?

What’s Smart About the Smart Home?

The smart home has been discussed for years, but recently, connectivity entrenchment seemed to be increasing. Topping the list are security cameras, locks, garage doors and thermostats, not to mention all the devices that run the apps. Explain how you are using these technologies and what marketing lessons can be learned for the telco.

Workforce 2020

Your workforce is key to shaping the future and succeeding in a new regulatory environment. Generate and share ideas on talent management, sharing resources with other telcos, revamping company culture, new employee benefits and more.