SRC Collaboration Challenge

The Smart Rural Community (SRC) Collaboration Challenge is an annual opportunity for rural broadband providers to obtain grants to deploy broadband-enabled solutions within their community. It encourages collaboration among community leaders to provide the best technologies. Allocated through fund-matching obligations in the program, it requires local communications providers to recruit the participation of other local leaders.

How are grants awarded?

Applicants must be a current NTCA telco member to eligible. Applications are reviewed by the SRC Advisory Council. Chairs of the NTCA Associate Member Advisory Council and the Innovation and Business Opportunity Committee solicit their respective members to participate in the review and scoring process. Although the review process is overseen by NTCA staff, NTCA staff does not score applications.

The process is configured to ensure that each application is evaluated by at least two panels of reviewers. Reviewers are divided into two or more teams. Representatives of non-telecom industries are distributed among the teams to ensure that each review panel features non-telecom experts. Each application is typically reviewed by ten or more different individuals. NTCA provider members that have submitted or otherwise participated in the preparation of an application are disqualified from reviewing any applications; Associate Members of NTCA that have participated in the preparation of an application are disqualified from reviewing the application in whose preparation they assisted, but may score other applications.

Important Dates
Application Deadline: December 31, 2017

SRC Collaboration Challenge Grant Recipients

2015 | 2016 | 2017



Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (Metter, Ga.)
Award: $4,882.90
Project: Support a public wi-fi network in a central park area of the community.
Type: technology, community development, economic development

SkyLine Membership Corp. (West Jefferson, N.C.)
Award: $5,000
Project: Support the installation of high definition, night vision cameras that enable remote monitoring of a memory-care unit in an assisted living facility in order to ensure patient safety and prevent residents from leaving the premises.
Type: technology, telehealth, aging in place



Consolidated Telecommunications Co. (Brainerd, Minn.)
Award: $1,723
Project: Supporting MakerSpace for “STEAM” (science, technology, engineering, arts and music) in four public schools. SRC will match funds for the purchase of computer equipment and accessories.
Type: technology, education

Copper Valley Telecom (Valdez, Alaska)
Award: $2,180
Project: Supporting a Prince William Sound College (PWSC) continuing education course to teach basic computer skills for older residents and others unfamiliar with basic computer technology. SRC will match funds donated by Copper Valley and PWSC.
Type: technology, education, economic development

Triangle Communications, Inc. (Havre, Mont.)
Award: $5,000
Project: Supporting a tribal-owned economic development agency with establishment of a virtual workplace suite and training center to provide educational resources and training for call center and telework industries.
Type: technology, education, economic development



Copper Valley Telecom (Valdez, Alaska) 
Award: $5,000
Project: Partnered with the Copper River School District to provide DSL scholarships that enable increased participation in the district’s online learning program. 
Type: technology, education

Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Association (Brandon, Minn.)
Award: $5,000
Project: Partnered with Knute Nelson Home Care and Hospice to install wireless Mi-Fi systems that enable vital-sign monitoring and social connectivity for underserved patients.
Type: technology, telehealth, aging in place

Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom (Waitsfield, Vt.)
Award: $5,000
Project: Partnered which is partnering with local business leaders to provide a downtown Wi-Fi network to more than 100 local businesses.
Type: technology, community development, economic development


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