NTCA Webinar

Beyond 100G, Upgrading Existing Networks

Sponsored by:

VarData and ECI Telecom

November 9, 2017
2:00 p.m. ET


Only a few years ago, 100G was considered an expensive science project. Today, 100G is an economical choice for both large and small network operators and the technology is moving rapidly to higher speeds. However, while 100G operated well on networks designed for lower speeds, rates beyond 100G may require changes to optical networks. In this webinar, network operators who are considering 100G upgrades or think that they might at some point in the future will learn about the challenges beyond 100G and how to prepare for them today.

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About the Presenters

Dr. Scott Wilkinson, senior director, portfolio marketing, ECI Telecom, has deep experience in the telecommunications and technical startup fields, with positions held ranging from deeply technical systems engineering to entirely customer-focused marketing leads. A recognized public speaker and writer as well as a detail-oriented team leader, Dr. Wilkinson has been successful in companies ranging from Fortune 100 to small startups with less than 50 employees. Dr. Wilkinson's career includes significant interaction with major carriers in the United States as well as experience with rural telcos, utilities and municipalities.


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