1. What is NTCA Cyber Wise?

NTCA Cyber Wise is an educational program focused on helping small telecommunications companies develop cybersecurity risk-management programs. Cyber Wise is supported by an award through the Department of Homeland Security’s National Infrastructure Protection Plan Security and Resilience Challenge, in partnership with the National Institute for Hometown Security (NIHS). The program comprises four components:

  • Program participants will receive a written document which offers industry best practices focused on the needs of small communications network providers. The new NTCA publication will evolve with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework.
  • The 2018 NTCA Cybersecurity Bundle, a comprehensive guide designed to help your company develop a risk-management approach to cybersecurity, will be updated and distributed for free to program participants who attend at least one in-person workshop, and available on the NTCA website to others for a nominal fee.
  • Three half-day educational workshops will be held in conjunction with 2018 NTCA Telecom Executive Forum, March 13, in Monterey, Calif.; IP Vision Conference & Expo, April 25, in New Orleans, La.; and the NTCA Cybersecurity Summit, October 21, in Dallas, Texas. The workshops will feature detailed training regarding cyber risk assessment and mitigation techniques, threat response and recovery strategies, and how to create and sustain a culture of security awareness within your organization.
  • NTCA will develop a recognition program for staff of small telecom companies who have achieved the education needed to serve as a Cyber Risk Manager for their company.

2. What is the goal of NTCA Cyber Wise?

The goal of NTCA Cyber Wise is to help managers and key employees at small telecom companies identify and manage cyber risks, and respond and recover from cyber incidents when they occur. Program participants will be encouraged to use the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as an internal tool to manage their cybersecurity risk.

3. How do I officially join the Cyber Wise program?

Industry best practices, educational workshops, webinars and the recognition program are offered for free to NTCA members and non-members.

  • To sign up for program updates, including emails about upcoming webcasts and other virtual opportunities, send an email to communications@ntca.org.
  • To attend any of the live workshops, visit NTCA Member Central to register for the paid collocated conferences. If you wish to only attend one of the free Cyber Wise workshops, send an email to membership@ntca.org and you will be added to the workshop roster.
  • Registration information for webcasts will be sent by email to program participants and posted to the NTCA website.


4. Do I need to attend the co-located NTCA event to attend the Cyber Wise workshop?

No. Cyber Wise workshops are offered for free to NTCA members and non-members. To attend a workshop without registering for the co-located NTCA event, send an email to membership@ntca.org and you will be added to the roster. For more information about upcoming workshops, visit the NTCA website.

5. How do I receive recognition for my participation in Cyber Wise?

To be eligible for recognition, participants must attend one in-person training and two educational webcasts offered throughout 2018. Recognition will be made based on attendance records and certificates will be distributed at the end of 2018.


6. How can I get access to the NTCA Cybersecurity Bundle for free? What is included in the Bundle?

To receive a free copy of the 2018 NTCA Cybersecurity Bundle, you must participate in at least one live Cyber Wise workshop. Attendees who pre-register online for a workshop will receive an email with the bundle resources the day of the Cyber Wise event. The 2018 bundle consists of four robust resources:

  • Risk-Management Primer: This report discusses your company’s potential liability for cybersecurity incidents; describes how a risk-management approach to cybersecurity is advantageous; and clarifies roles and responsibilities for senior leadership versus operational employees.
  • Getting Started Guide and Operational Template: This resource will assist your company with developing a comprehensive risk-management plan consistent with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework.  
  • Cyber Incident Response Plan Guide: This guide includes instructions and sample language to help a small network service provider -- in collaboration with its own legal and technical counsel -- develop and implement a written plan for responding to and recovering from various cyber incidents.


7. Who can I contact for more information?

Jesse Ward, NTCA director of industry & policy analysis, is the program’s manager. She can be reached at jward@ntca.org or (703) 351-2007.