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The Bermuda Triangle of Leave Laws

Dealing with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and state workers' compensation laws can make you feel like you have entered the Bermuda Triangle. HR professionals can become lost when trying to comply with these laws because of their conflicting provisions, various enforcement agencies, and often unclear guidance. NTCA's webcast will provide an overview and discussion of the key changes to the ADA, FMLA and workers' compensation law, helping you navigate your way out of the Bermuda Triangle.


Best Practices in Records Management Webcast

How long should you retain documents such as resumes, applications, salary records and benefit enrollment paperwork? Is your company at risk for a potential lawsuit due to the mishandling of current and former employee records? Answers to these questions and more are not just about solid human resources recordkeeping practices-it's about the law.


Critical Employment Law Issues for Telcos Webcast

In an environment of constantly changing labor laws, new developments in federal policy, and increased Department of Labor audits, it has never been more important to stay abreast with the latest in employment law and legislation. Help protect your telco from legal risks before they arise by staying up to date with the latest in employment regulation.


Effectively Managing Employee Performance Webcast

Your telco is only as strong as your weakest link. In order to meet the goals necessary for your organization to survive and thrive, you need to effectively manage employee performance. Establishing performance standards is the first step in the performance-management process. This webcast explains how to engage in this process with confidence and skill. Learn how to determine and communicate appropriate performance expectations, effective ways to track employee performance in the course of their normal routine, and the secret ingredient in managing performance. Instructor: Patricia Meglich, Ph.D., SPHR, assistant professor of management at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.


Employment Law for Telco Managers and Supervisors Webcast

In an age of rapidly changing employment laws and increased work demands, failure to understand basic employment law and organizational policies can lead to disaster. This unique two hour e-learning training focuses on legal issues common in everyday workplace situations. It provides an overview of over 20 key employment laws as well as tips to keep your telco legally safe when making employment decisions and interacting with employees.


Harassment Prevention in the Workplace

The issue of workplace harassment has wide-ranging implications for today's employers, draining time and productivity, and exposing the telco to costly litigation. The rising incidence of workplace sexual harassment and other forms of unlawful harassment, coupled with the considerable associated financial costs, has prompted the need to implement prevention efforts. Since the telco is legally responsible for ensuring employees are protected from harassment in the workplace, it is imperative that managers and front-line supervisors are trained to understand their responsibility and its consequences.


Preparing Your Employees for Change at Your Telco Webcast

The impact of the FCC's USF/ICC reform order and the economy has caused many telcos to embrace change in order to grow and survive. Telco employees may need to change the way they do their job, learn new skills, and master new systems and procedures-all with limited time and resources. This webcast will prepare human resources professionals and telco managers to help employees prepare for and successfully navigate the many changes in the rural telecommunications industry.


Safety Planning, OSHA and Your Telecom

OSHA compliance is an integral part of the telecom industry, keeping our employees safe and our companies free of costly fines and litigation. This interactive webinar shows you how to design a safety program that maximizes management commitment and employee involvement while protecting our most valuable asset, our staff. In addition, you will learn the complex OSHA process in easy to understand pieces while also explaining the pitfalls on non-compliance in near miss reporting, inspections and citations. Get tips and learn some proactive steps you can take to prevent accidents before they happen.


What Telcos Should Know About Social Media in the Workplace

The use of social media and the power of the networks that host these sites have the potential to shape the future of rural telecommunications' products, services and image within a community and beyond. We know our employees are already participating on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, but where does the line cross between personal communication and a violation of workplace policy? The legal landscape currently is being shaped on this subject, and it seems that keeping up on recent case law and National Labor Relations Board guidance disciplining or terminating employees who make workplace related comments via social media can be a full time job. Barbara Bloom, employment and labor law attorney, leads an informative session about your rights and obligations as an employer as we all navigate through this legal maze.


Workforce Planning & Compensation: Building Your Telco's Future

Attracting and retaining a high-performance work force remains essential to maintaining success in the marketplace, even as we come out of a recessionary environment. This work force planning and compensation webcast describes essential strategies to ensure that your organization has the human resources, organizational alignment and business processes in place to thrive and achieve its strategic objectives. This 60-minute session will demonstrate the critical link between compensation strategies and maintaining a high-performance work force.