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Managing your benefits is now easier than ever with My NTCA Benefits. This new self-service portal puts information in your hands so when life events happen, you have an easy-to-use, secure online portal to help you navigate through changes to your benefit plans and enrollment decisions. 


See how easy it is to manage your benefits online with My NTCA Benefits!

Watch this short video to see how the new My NTCA Benefits portal helps you navigate your benefits decisions as employment and life events happen.

Latest News + Announcements

January 3, 2020

Additional Functionality to be Added to Participant Portal in 2020
More online services will be added to the participant portal later this year. Please bookmark this page and periodically check back for updates. 

My NTCA Benefits Tools and Resources 

NTCA has developed a variety of tools and resources so you can get started using My NTCA Benefits to make decisions about your benefit plans. Here are a couple of flyers to get you started. Scroll down to watch a video to navigate you along the registration process and guide you through your annual enrollment.


Videos and Online Learning

This video will guide you through the My NTCA Benefits portal starting with a simple registration process, the steps for making online annual enrollment elections and other self-service benefits administration features. 

This short fun video shows telco employee "Bob" going paperless using My NTCA Benefits for his annual enrollment elections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is My NTCA Benefits?

This secure online portal is used by employees and directors, retirees and other individuals eligible to enroll or already participating in NTCA benefit plans. It provides a quick and secure way to enroll in benefit plans offered by your NTCA member company and to report life events that may impact your benefits.

How do I register and get access to this portal?

The URL is Each person must register before logging into the portal. The first step is to select the “Register” button on the main login page and then follow a self-guided online registration process. Some basic identifying information is required including:

  • Social Security number
  • Birth date
  • Zip code of the person’s current mailing address
  • Email 

This information is validated to records maintained by NTCA benefits, and additional security-related questions must be answered before a user ID (e.g., login code) is provided to the individual. After identity is confirmed, you establish a unique password as part of the registration process.  

After this one-time registration, you can enter their login code and password to access the portal. 

Quick Tip: Download and read the “Getting Started With My NTCA Benefits” flyer, a  simple step-by-step guide  to register and login to the portal.

What are some examples of how I can use My NTCA Benefits?

With My NTCA Benefits, you have online real-time access to:

  • Enroll in the benefit plans.
  • Update your personal contact information.
  • Report changes in your life that impact your benefits (e.g. marriage, divorce, new dependents). 
  • Make changes to your Group Health Program elections for the annual open enrollment period.
  • Get a current statement of your elected benefit plans and coverages.
  • Access educational resources and other benefit plan details. 
How does my employer or former employer use My NTCA Benefits?

The HR and benefits administrators at your company already use an employer version of My NTCA Benefits to get and pay benefit plan bills, view company and participant benefits data, and create on-demand reports. 

Is my personal information secure?

NTCA considers the protection of your personal information as a highest priority, and we take significant precautions to safeguard access to your data. One of these safeguards is encryption using secure socket layers (SSL) and digital certificates. Registration to use the portal requires multi-step authentication.

When was My NTCA Benefits available to manage my benefits?

The portal was used to make 2020 enrollment elections. Additional features will be added to the portal in 2020 so new employees can enroll in benefit plans and current participants can add or drop dependents from coverages. 

What should I do if I had problems updating my beneficiaries on the portal when making my annual enrollment elections?

After opening the portal for annual enrollment elections by participants, we became aware that some individuals have experienced issues when adding multiple beneficiaries or someone not covered as a dependent on their benefit plan(s). While we encouraged participants to update your beneficiaries during the annual enrollment election event, you may have skipped this step if you experienced issues. 

All beneficiary designations currently on file with NTCA will remain in effect until a new beneficiary election is completed. Beneficiary elections can be submitted using these forms if you are unable to make updates using the portal. 

BE07 - Beneficiary Designation Form - NTCA Sponsored Retirement & Security Program 
BE08 - Beneficiary Designation Form - NTCA Sponsored Savings Plan 
BE09 - Beneficiary Designation Form - NTCA Sponsored Group Health Program 

Why do I see "999" as my current Savings Plan contribution election percentage in the Savings Plan step in the annual enrollment election event?

At initial access to the portal, a default value of “999” is shown as your current contribution election since NTCA did not maintain election percentages in our prior record-keeping system. Do not be alarmed as this is just a placeholder value until you input your January 2020 contribution percentage. Entry of a Savings Plan contribution percentage is required before the enrollment election event can be finalized. 

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