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Network Operations
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Range Telephone Cooperative, Inc. is a local exchange carrier providing telecommunication services to southeastern Montana and Northeastern Wyoming. Established in 1953 as a non-profit cooperative, Range currently serves over 6,000 subscribers in eighteen telephone exchanges. Included in that area are the six Montana counties of Rosebud, Treasure, Custer, Powder River, Carter and Big Horn, and the five Wyoming counties of Campbell, Johnson, Weston, Sheridan and Crook.

Supervises all central office and remote switching unit operations, including acceptance testing of new equipment, ensuring that subscriber loops are properly connected and maintained. Directs daily checks of toll, extended area service (EAS), and other type of trunks. Conducts traffic studies, reviews equipment trouble records, prepares specifications for new equipment, and makes periodic maintenance and progress reports to Network Operations Manager or CEO.
Oversees the engineering, installation, testing, and maintenance of all central office (CO) and transmission facilities such as remote switching units, digital switching and transmission equipment, soft switching, broadband, central office grounding and protection, microwave, T-carrier and/or light wave systems for trunking, central office power systems and subscriber and trunk carrier systems. Coordinates special circuit services deployment and related processes and technology; Including but not limited to DS0, DS1, DS3, SONET, Ethernet technology, DWDM technology. Confers with switch manufacturers and other industry representatives on CO technology and purchase of switches and related CO equipment. Establishes effective liaison with federal and state regulatory agencies, industry organizations on reporting requirements and standards.

• Ensures continuous operation of CO facilities and associated equipment, to include remote switching units, digital switching and transmission equipment, soft switching, broadband, central office grounding and protection, microwave, T-carrier and/or light wave systems for trunking, central office power systems and subscriber and trunk carrier systems;
• Supervises all CO employees by assigning work; checking quality of work, answering questions, handling personnel issues, and monitoring work flow to ensure timely completion of central office activities.
• Reviews equipment trouble records and ensures that problems and issues are resolved.
• Prepares short-term and long-range application engineering plans and specifications for additional equipment or upgrades; establishes routine procedures and ensures that routines are performed on all central office related equipment; Ensures that upgrades and changes are completed in a manner with the least negative effect on service.
• Coordinates with the General Manager, Operations Manager, and Engineers on the evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of various switch configurations and related switching equipment when the telco considers upgrades and additions; plans and schedules installations to meet service deadlines;
• Prepares various reports, including CO analysis for the Operations Manager, progress reports on job and work orders, and CO maintenance forecasts; establishes efficient CO record-keeping system; and collects data for traffic studies and cost separations and submits required regulatory reports for state PUC to accounting departments;
• Studies and reviews service terms and conditions as established in tariff agreements, service rules and regulations, company policies, and RUS specifications and standards;
• Requisitions materials and supplies as needed and maintains adequate inventory;
• Conducts employee performance appraisals, recommends promotions, wage increases, discipline and terminations. Assists Network Operations Manager in the development of training and continuing education programs;
• Keeps informed of all technical developments affecting switching and CO activity, including new equipment, preventive maintenance procedures, training programs, and testing techniques;
• Work closely with outside plant and accounting departments to ensure the timely completion of central office tasks/projects,
• Accountable for the accuracy of applicable plant records and timely and accurate central office work order close out.
• Ability to use Telecom network related test and measurement equipment;

• Directly supervises Central Office Equipment Technicians and Data Network Technicians. Is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, development and evaluation of this unit. Hires, evaluates, promotes, disciplines employees, and recommends promotions and wage increases.

EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE: Knowledge and skills usually acquired through an Associate’s degree in electronics or engineering or equivalent, PLUS five to seven years of experience in Telecom Network or central office operations with a strong working knowledge of switching, data networking and broadband access technology. Prior supervisory experience is preferred but may not be necessary.

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Human Resources * POB 127 * Forsyth, MT 59327

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Forsyth, MT
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Range Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
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