Exchange Manager

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Network Operations
Job Description

Position Description
The Exchange Manager is accountable for ensuring ASTAC’s customers receive high quality reliable services, and a superior customer experience. This includes defining and monitoring metrics measuring network performance, resolving customer troubles, installing and provisioning services, maintaining accurate records to ensure efficient operations, creating, defining, and implementing maintenance plans to improve and maintain ASTAC’s networks. Striving for overall network reliability of 99.95% or higher. The position is both technical and administrative in function and supervises ~ 20 telecommunications technicians, ~ 16 village representatives and a technician assistant (intern).

This position follows a three-week rotating shift splitting time between Barrow and Prudhoe Bay, AK. Additional time maybe be spent while off shift participating in weekly project/operational meetings, answering emails, or being available by phone, as necessary to fulfill position requirements. Individuals filling this role may also be required to answer calls relating network outages in off shift/after- hours scenarios when on shift managers are unavailable. Additionally, the position is responsible for the supervision and operations of seven outlying villages on the North Slope of Alaska.

Principle Accountabilities

Manage, coordinate and supervise all daily functions and operations in the Deadhorse and Barrow areas including related villages covering 90,000 square miles to include: outside plant construction and maintenance, station installation and maintenance, central office construction and maintenance, building and vehicle maintenance, commercial operations.

Participate in the development, implementation and administration of the operations and maintenance Budget for both the Deadhorse and Barrow areas of responsibility (AOR)

Prepare monthly variance report and provides analysis and feedback to accounting on positive or negative variances of annual budget.

Participate in the development and implementation of annual capital budget.

Research and execute purchase of telecommunications equipment.

Design and implement facility upgrades and construction of new facilities.

Research and execute purchases of vehicle fleet and heavy construction equipment.

Fleet management to ensure all preventative maintenance and unscheduled repairs are conducted in a timely manner.

Directly supervise a staff of telecommunications technicians, local village reps and technician assistant located throughout the North Slope geographic area.

Provide guidance and technical expertise to technicians during network outages.

Generate, verify and approve material requests submitted by self or subordinates and forward approved material requests to purchasing.

Develop and implement rotational shift schedules for technicians.

Schedule and book all flights and lodging requirements for telecommunications technician shift workers.

Verify accuracy and approve travel request and expense documents for subordinates and forward to accounting.

Ensure lodging availability for rotating technicians and regular visitors from main office and vendors.

Perform verification and reconciliation of expenses generated by Operations a minimum of twice a week.

Provide authorization of payments for Operations expenses.

Perform Project Management functions for minor and major network upgrades.

Provide system design and engineering support for network and facility upgrades.

Manage commercial leases with numerous business and government entities.

Responsible for compliance with State and Federal Safety Regulations (OSHA).

Responsible for Employee Fall Protection Program. Ensure all safety inspections are completed as required.

Serve as a liaison with Board of Directors from villages served by ASTAC.

Travel several times per year to remote communities served by ASTAC.

Perform Annual and follow-up site audits of ASTAC facilities in all communities served by the company.

Ensure compliance of employees and contractors with industry accepted telecommunications installation standards.

Schedule annual inspection of fire alarm and suppression systems in all ASTAC facilities on the North Slope of Alaska.

Safe-guard inventory in all locations in compliance with ASTAC internal controls.

Supervise annual year-end inventory of Central Office parts, supplies, equipment in all ASTAC Central Office Locations.

Develops appropriate policies and procedures to ensure efficient operations and consistency in work functions.

Responsible for compliance with Federal Aviation and Federal Communications Committee communication tower regulations. Analyze, develop and implement preventative maintenance procedures to ensure network reliability goal of 99.95% and minimize customer impacting outages.

Coordinate activities in and out of the North Slope Oil field with major oil companies and state and federal government organizations.

Maintain appropriate quantity and quality of vehicles and work equipment, test equipment, and all necessary tools to maintain a good operating system.

Define and manage maintenance plans for facility, equipment and vehicle fleets.

Develop and maintain adequate material inventories, stock levels and network components to meet construction, maintenance and installation demands and timely replacement of outdated materials.

Work with Human Resources Department to resolve personnel and labor relations matters.

Maintain a strong collaborative relationship with customers and other departments within ASTAC by responding promptly to their concerns and issues.

Identify, schedule and coordinate technician training requirements to ensure adequate knowledge base to support operations and maintenance

Coach technicians to ensure prompt professional and courteous responses to customer needs.

Identify skill gaps and training needs to ensure technicians up to date in industry changes and are knowledgeable in all job functions.

Since part of the workforce is represented by the Teamsters union, the exchange manager must be familiar with the terms of the agreement and be able respond to day to day issues that might arise. In addition, the manager will assist the negotiations team when the contract is renegotiated.

Consistently display an upbeat attitude projecting a positive image of ASTAC, its management, and staff.

Provide on-the-job training, instruction in new installation methods and equipment functions, and monitoring work performance.

Review workload to ensure adequate staffing levels and is responsible for hiring and replacement of exchange personnel

Additional Responsibilities

Become familiar with and comply with ASTAC internal controls at all times.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
In-depth knowledge of industry specifications and guidelines.

General knowledge of the various types of equipment used by ASTAC in the construction and maintenance of telecommunications plant including vehicles, work equipment, machinery, and test equipment.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (written and oral).

Demonstrated leadership skills including candor, teamwork, creativity, attitude, commitment, professionalism and problem solving.
Working knowledge of Windows based personal computer equipment and Microsoft Office applications
Working knowledge of financial/budget process.
Exemplary demeanor and work ethics consistent with a management level position.

Intermittent extended hours of employment requiring considerable physical and emotional stamina and occasional travel at all hours of the day by a variety of means.

Interact effectively in verbal and written form with members of the Cooperative, public, directors, and employees of ASTAC, consultants, vendors, and contractors by accurately representing ASTAC's position and projecting a positive image of ASTAC & subsidiaries.

Ability to effectively manage personnel; minimizing conflict and maximizing productivity.

Ability to accomplish multiple projects involving a wide range of public and industry interactions and varying deadlines in a consistently calm and professional manner.

Required to work company observed state and federal holidays when on shift.

Ability to accomplish on site review and analysis of ASTAC facilities requiring travel by foot, all-terrain vehicle, pick-up truck, aircraft, and various other means of transportation as may be available, in varying and often extreme climactic conditions.

Ability to lift up to 50 pounds.
The Barrow and Prudhoe Bay managerial positions have been combined into rotational shift work positions. Coverage is provided by four individuals working a three weeks on three weeks off schedule. Time on shift is split between Barrow and Prudhoe Bay, AK. This area is regularly subject to harsh weather conditions
The physical demands of these positions require standing, sitting, stooping, kneeling and walking, and the ability to lift at least 50 pounds.

Education and Experience Required

Five years supervisory, management, or in charge experience in combination: central office, I&R outside plant and commercial office.

Five years’ experience in combination: central office, I&R outside plant and commercial office.

Job Location (City, State)
Deadhorse or Barrow, AK
Company Name
Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative, Inc.
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