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Manages all activities of Gila River Telecommunications, Inc. (GRTI) and its Subsidiaries, directly and through management staff.  Plans, directs, coordinates, and controls all lines of business.  Determines objectives, establishes operating procedures, and ensures the success of each company within the guidelines and authority approved by the Board of Directors.  Ensures that all operations comply with applicable federal, state and local regulations. Evaluates new business opportunities and recommends new services to the Board.  

Primary responsibility is to carry out the duties and strategic plans/policies of GRTI and its Subsidiaries, as established by the GRTI Board of Directors. The General Manager reports to the Board of Directors.

Job Description Duties:

  • Administers the policies of the Board of Directors to provide subscribers with highest quality, competitively priced service.
  • Ensures the Board of Directors is kept well-informed of GRTI and all subsidiary developments so it may actively participate in company planning.
  • Establishes an effective means of gathering and relaying appropriate financial and other control information to the Board, Managers, Supervisors, and subscribers.
  • Provides effective, fair, consistent, and forward-thinking leadership.
  • Supervises and holds all department managers and management staff accountable for achieving the mission and business objectives of GRTI and its subsidiary companies and business units.
  • Holds all department managers and management staff accountable for managing the performance and development of their employees, and for responding effectively to employee issues and concerns.
  • Understands, respects and implements strategies and actions that support Indian Hiring Preference initiatives and results.
  • Directs all telco financial affairs, including investment strategies and the review of new financing sources; keeps abreast of general funds level, cash flow, and other fiscal developments. Develops rate, structures and tariff filings, and ensures that all company financial operations and subsidiary operations comply with FCC, RUS, NECA and other federal/state and local requirements.
  • Directs all activities associated with access-charge pooling, and other compensations arrangements; maintains adequate access tariffs, carrier access billing, and settlements from various pools and ensures that all forms and requirements are filed with the FCC, NECA interexchange carriers and the Tribal Council.
  • Manages all short and long range planning for operations, financial and commercial affairs, property management, regulated and non-regulated services, market status and customer demand, personnel and organization, subscriber information and community relations, local economic development and diversification potential.
  • Develops and sustains a complete organizational structure, through thorough recruitment and selection of telco and subsidiary employees, and provides guidance and direction to employees through the application of effective training programs,
  • Establishes the telco's and subsidiary compensation and benefits program.
  • Ensures that all operations comply with established policy and applicable federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Represents the telco and subsidiaries before regulatory agencies, legislative bodies, legal forums and industry associations.
  • Processes sensitive Federal, State and Local Subpoenas
  • Crafts comprehensive public relations and subscriber information programs to maintain customer identification and to promote telco's position as a prominent member of the community.
  • Is actively involved in local economic development and is visible in the Gila River Indian Community at local fairs, parades and other opportunities that help build relationships with the Community.
  • Reviews potential services and evaluates market demand, including the possibility of expanding into wireless communications; maintains knowledge of technological developments affecting operations and provisions of service; ensures that plant and office personnel are up to date on technical, regulatory, and accounting changes.
  • Develops diversification strategies, including planning, organizing and managing subsidiary/affiliated organizations.
  • Designs the telco's and subsidiary disaster recovery plan, ensuring that all employees are adequately prepared to respond appropriately in any emergency situation.
  • Provides overall direction for all activities required to meet company and subsidiary objectives, while personally taking only those tasks that cannot be effectively delegated.

Note: The job description in no way implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee in this position. She/he will be required to follow any other instructions and to perform any other duties as required by the GRTI Board of Directors.

Education and Experience

  • Minimum education: Bachelor’s degree in Business, Computer Science, Telecommunications, or related field.  Preferred education: Master’s degree in Business, Computer Science, Telecommunications, or related field. Any equivalent combination of training and experience that would enable the applicant to satisfactorily perform and meet the duties required of the position may be considered in meeting the stated minimum requirements.
  • Experience: A minimum of eight to ten (8 -10) years previous experience in the telecommunications industry, with ten plus (10+) years of experience in a senior/ executive level management role.
  • Strong "people" skills and demonstrated leadership of people throughout all functions and levels of an organization
  • Strong financial  and business acumen
  • Technologically astute
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; active listening skills
  • Excellent strategic and problem-solving skills.

Job Knowledge and Related Skills

  • Complete understanding of regulated telephone and deregulated CLEC organization, administration, and equipment.
  • Familiarity with standards, rules, and regulations governing telephone and CLEC utility operations.
  • Knowledge of settlements, separation and access-charge compensation procedures.
  • Grasp of personnel and business management, marketing and sales, public and subscriber relations, business law and employee rights, and developments in the tribal/rural telecommunications and CLEC industry.
  • Experience managing telecommunications and CLEC business or related businesses involving tribal and/or rural telecommunications is desired.
  • Must be knowledgeable of, and current, regarding legislation and rulemaking affecting tribal/rural telecommunications.
  • Accepts responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with telco and subsidiary staff, the Board of Directors and the Tribal Council.
  • Recognizes and rewards the diverse contributions of all team members.
  • Utilizes the cultural backgrounds, thought processes and wisdom of GRTI talent to support business and employee success.
  • Initiates company activity and makes independent decisions affecting all operations of the telco and subsidiary business units.
  • Communicates operating philosophy to all employees.
  • Makes recommendations to and develops strategies for the Board of Directors.
  • Works with telco attorney on all matters requiring legal counsel.
  • Keeps subscribers informed of company activities and promotes telco and subsidiary reputation in all community affairs.
  • Represents organization before federal and state regulatory agencies, RUS, NECA and other industry and professional associations, and financial and lending sources.
  • Establishes productive ties with manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors.
  • Ensures auditors are provided all records and financial information.
  • Represents the telco CLEC and subsidiaries in all industry, community and public forums, as applicable.

Additional Requirements:

  • Federal Background Check is mandatory
  • Financial Background Disclosure may be required for Subsidiaries.
  • Will be asked to provide 39 months driving record.  Position requires insurability under GRTI insurer requirements.
  • Will be required to pass a pre-employment drug test.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Required experience with daily ILEC, business operations and CLEC business operations.
  • Desire experience with low voltage business operations, and broadcast business operations and consulting services business operations.
  • Knowledge and experience in wireless telecommunications.

As a matter of Company policy, all employment is on an at-will basis, meaning that employment shall last for so long as mutually agreeable.  Either the employee or the Company may terminate the employment at any time with or without cause.

Preference in filling vacancies is given to qualified enrolled Gila River Community Members, other Indians, and non-Indian spouses of officially enrolled Community members in accordance with Tribal Employment Rights Office (T.E.R.O.) Ordinance (No. GR-02-09, Gila River Indian Community).

Gila River Telecommunications, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer, subject to Indian Hiring Preference.

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Chandler, AZ
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Job vacancy will be posted until filled.
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Gila River Telecommunications, Inc.
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Leeanna Paul