Inside Plant Manager

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The Inside Plant (ISP) Manager is responsible for the 24-hour operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of all central office systems. The ISP Manager oversees all CO Technicians and insures adequate staffing to meet the company’s needs. This is an exempt position.

More Specifically the ISP Manager:
• Plans, schedules and oversees equipment installations to insure compliance with system specifications and deadlines.
• Investigates all outages and prepares reports for the management team and outside sources as needed.
• Keeps informed of technical developments affecting CO operations including new equipment, preventative maintenance, training programs and testing techniques.
• Monitors acceptance testing to insure compliance with system specifications.
• Closes work orders in a timely manner.
• Insures that upgrades and changes are completed in a manner with the least negative effect on service.
• Prepares budget projects in coordination with the Plant Department.
• Proactively researches equipment to better support Broadband and switching technologies.
• Coordinates special circuit services deployment and related technologies including DS0, DS1, DS3, DSL, and Ethernet.
• Insures continuous operation of CO facilities and associated equipment including soft switching, broadband, central office grounding and protection, T-carrier for trunking, central office power systems as well as subscriber and trunk carrier systems.
• Is responsible for the development, training, and cross training of all CO Technicians.
• Insures CO Technicians are trained in proper maintenance procedures and safety practices.
A bachelor’s degree in Electronics or Information Technology or equivalent, plus five years of central office operations with a strong working knowledge of switching (Metaswitch), data networking, and broadband technology. Prior supervisory experience is required.
Interested candidates please send resume and cover letter to Pioneer Consolidated, Inc., ATTN: Ruth Witter, P O Box 631, Philomath, OR 97370 or email to

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Philomath, Oregon
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