Outside Plant (OSP) Field Specialist

Job Category
Outside Plant Operations
Job Description

OSP Field Specialist provision, install, test, and repair a variety of complex and normal applications of Central Office, IP and Customer Premises equipment. This position may include performing any and or/all the job functions listed below as well as other tasks assigned by Director. Interface and train OSP Technicians and other work groups required. Must be a part of an on-call rotation.

Essential Job Functions:

• Install and repair complex VOIP, Data and IP applications as well as traditional ATM and TDM products
• Identify, test and load CPE software flash loads when and were required
• Routine installation and repair of customer premise equipment for the delivery of all voice, data and IP services
• Troubleshoot and repair point-to point and dedicated circuits as required.
• Wire and terminate network and CPE equipment
• T-1 span and circuit construction, testing and maintenance
• Fiber preparation, installation, testing and maintenance
• OTDR familiarization and field operation
• Locating and marking existing Otelco underground facilities for the Dig Safe program
• +
• Install and repair equipment in a neat and orderly manner, maintaining quality workmanship and a neat, clean work area that will meet “central office quality and standard requirements”.
• Perform test acceptance and complete documentation on new equipment additions and/or augments at Central Office and co-location sites
• Schedule and perform alarm audits jointly with NOC in Central Offices and co-location sites
• Work with NOC personnel to perform High Profile installs and Complex service issues resolution
• Familiarization and use of all company supplied test gear as well as install and test hardware and firmware upgrades to all CLEC test gear where required
• Familiarization and use of all safety practices in the workplace
• Work well one to one with customers and possesses excellent interpersonal skills
• Must have a valid driver’s license
• Perform special projects as needed

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

• Ability to understand and comprehend technical concepts and functions with minimal Manager interaction. Knowledge of telecommunications industry standards and digital switching technology and IP a must.
• Experience in working with other local and long distance exchange carriers, ISP’s and network providers to trouble shoot network issues.
• Understand basic electrical and electronic concepts. Thorough knowledge of company products and services a must.
• Must have experience working with business network equipment, including routers, switches, and firewalls.
• Knowledge of company policies and procedures.
• Skill in installing, repairing and maintaining Central Office and Customer Premises equipment.
• Skill in using mechanical and electric power tools.
• Skill in analytical thinking and problem solving.
• Skill in operating and configuring computers.
• Ability to communicate with co-workers and various business contacts in a professional and courteous manner.
• Ability to pay close attention to detail.
• Ability to evaluate, test, and repair sophisticated equipment.
• Ability to work independently and make sound technical decisions using information at hand.
• Ability to effectively function as a team player.
• Ability to organize and manage projects.

Education and Experience:

High School diploma or equivalent as well as specialized training in voice, data, and IP. At least two years field experience in those disciplines required.

Job Location (City, State)
Bangor, Maine
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Kelly Elias