Job Description

Title: Warehouseman
FLSA: Non-Exempt
Reports To: Materials and Facilities Supervisor
Department: Finance

Duties and Responsibilities

• Develops and recommends appropriate operating procedures for procurement of all goods and services, including the guidelines for local purchases, for informal quotations and for formal bidding.

• Consults with all departments on their purchasing needs:
o keeps informed of construction projects and other special needs for material and equipment;
o furnishes information on available products, supplies and services;
o advises on market trends, delivery schedules and other factors related to cost-effective purchasing.

• Determines purchasing requirements and specifications in cooperation with staff:
o prepares and solicits formal bid invitations or informal quotations and proposals as appropriate;
o prepares bid analyses;
o coordinates with departments to determine and maintain optimum inventory levels;
o initiates action to achieve economies and efficiencies in purchasing and inventory control through standardization and quantity buying.

• Purchases goods and services:
o issues purchase orders;
o expedites procurement and initiates action as necessary to assure delivery and performance as specified;
o reviews invoices and statements for compliance with purchase orders and verifies for payment.

• Maintains adequate and reliable sources of supply:
o maintains a working relationship with manufacturer and vendor representatives;
o keeps abreast of new and improved products;
o alerts staff to market conditions, delivery schedules and the availability of materials and equipment;
o recommends the sale or disposal of obsolete materials and excessive inventory and takes appropriate action as directed.

• Receives and stocks incoming material:
o counts, sorts or weighs incoming articles to verify receipt of items on packing lists;
o examines stock to verify conformance to specifications;
o stores articles according to inventory number; determines method and location of stored materials considering temperature, humidity, height and weight limits, turnover, floor loading capacities and required space;
o advises Purchasing Agent of discrepancies between the purchase order and material received and/or of any damage to received items;
o receives, labels and numbers transformers;
o receives salvaged materials; disassembles returned and retired material to inventory units and restocks; inspects and discards damaged items;
o assembles new items as necessary;
o moves or transports material, supplies or deliveries to other departments;
o packages and ships outgoing materials and supplies.

• Issues materials used:
o in the work order flow; gathers material identified on the staking sheet and distributes to work crews (Association crews and contractors);
o for job orders, maintenance, transfers and truck restocking;
o in direct sales to the public (employees, customers or contractors).

• Maintains records of transactions:
o documents receipt and distribution of material;
o generates all appropriate forms and/or computer entries for the material issue transactions and tracking;
o prepares sales invoice for material sold to the public;
o completes appropriate forms to assure proper accounting of salvaged materials.

• Monitors inventory levels
• maintains communication with Purchasing Agent to identify ordering needs;
• requisitions needed materials and supplies;
• transfers materials between warehouses as necessary;
• reconciles inventory shortages/overages report to Purchasing Agent;
• completes periodic checks of program quantities verses physical quantities;
• verifies material entries to work orders, operations and maintenance functions and other sources of material entries;
• participates in annual inventory process;
• makes adjustments or repairs to items carried in inventory.

• Provides custodial services and grounds work for the warehouse and storage yards:
o keeps warehouse and storage area clean and orderly;
o shovels and plows snow when assigned.

• Participates in all regulatory compliance programs associated with material:
o provides maintenance and proper storage for oil-filled transformers and other line equipment;
o collects oil samples necessary for PCB compliance.

Performs other duties within capabilities and training as assigned.

Supervisory Duties

Requires high school diploma or equivalent and previous satisfactory job experience demonstrating ability to perform the job duties. Must demonstrate mechanical aptitude, arithmetic skills, verbal and written communication skills. Must have ability and willingness to learn the use of Luminate computer network system and personal computer software. Must possess a valid CDL Class A, Colorado drivers’ license, with endorsements for multiples and air brakes. Must demonstrate the ability to drive and/or operate the following vehicles: pick-up truck, tractor/trailer, forklift and backhoe. Will be required to obtain forklift trainer and operator certification.

Working Conditions/Physical Activities

Work is performed in a variety of locations that range from inside (warehouse) to outside (storage yard); outdoor weather conditions vary from sub-zero cold to heat above 90 degrees, in wet and dry conditions. The employee is occasionally exposed to an environment with fumes or airborne particles, risk of electrical shock and vibration. Work is frequently on or about moving machinery.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is frequently required to stand, walk, lift (weights to 25#) and carry (weights to 25# to distances of 30 feet).

Occasional physical requirements are bending, squatting, lifting (weights 25# -70#), overhead lifting (weights to 25# ) and carrying (weights 25# - 70# to distances of 30 feet).

The intermittent physical requirements include sitting, climbing (stairs, stacks, ladders), lifting (70# - 100#), overhead lifting (25# - 50#), pulling, pushing or sliding weights (on wheels to 700#), pulling, pushing or sliding weights (on concrete floor to 150#) and carrying weights (70# -100#).

I have read & understand the position description and confirm I am able to perform this work.

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Steamboat Springs, CO
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Luminate Broadband powered by Yampa Valley Electric
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