Wireless Field Technician

Job Description

Wireless Field Technician performs daily duty assignments as assigned by Wireless Supervisor. Completes work in a safe and timely manner. Must not be afraid of heights, have the ability to climb on both single story and two-story structures. Able to work from a ladder where necessary and climb transmitter location towers using the proper safety and fall prevention equipment. The qualified candidate needs to be familiar with standard Windows Desktop operations, basic knowledge of WLAN (wireless local area networking), network protocols, network interface configurations and basic I.P. networking standards. Use of small hand tools are necessary along with the ability to lift up to 60 lbs. from time to time.

Essential Job Functions:
 Executes daily assignments through the use HMI tools such as an iPad and or laptop to complete daily scheduled assignments.

 Installation of customer wireless premise equipment, Ethernet cable installation & termination to complete daily customer Service Orders and repair work orders. Doing so while maintaining excellent QOS to meet or exceed customer expectations.

 Ensures that a professional, neat and orderly personal appearance is maintained through all customer interaction.
 Must have and or obtain a class “E” Chauffeur license to drive a company vehicle (service truck) Employee is responsible for daily use of company service truck and the security of its tools and contents

 Ability to learn how to maintain system firmware and updates on all fixed wireless products. Includes the ability to learn new products as network change may dictate.

 Ensure documentation of site hardware is neat, orderly and safely deployed.
 Keeps track of wireless and or other company owned inventory is accounted for while deployed in service trucks.

 Able to share in an afterhours pager schedule and be dispatched to make repairs on transmitter site locations and or business class customer locations.
 The ability to develop a deeper understanding of RF and Microwave technologies to enhance ability to isolate wireless issues.

 Ability to perform lite electrical circuit work, control box wiring etc. 220/110VAC.

 Performs other duties assigned by supervisor.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

 Knowledge of fixed wireless construction and deployment practices and principles.

 Knowledge of industry regulations affecting wireless deployment.

 Knowledge of company products and services.

 Knowledge of company policies and procedures.

 Skill in operating various office equipment such as personal computer, various software programs (e.g. Excel, Outlook, Telnet, NIC configurations Word, and proprietary wireless OEM systems.)

 Skill in oral and written communication.

 Skill in reading and interpreting technical documents and forms including work orders, schematics and specification, configuration manuals.

 Ability to communicate with customers, co-workers, and various business contacts in a professional and courteous manner.

 Ability to organize and prioritize multiple work assignments.

 Ability to pay close attention to detail.

 Ability to work independently.

 Ability to make sound decisions using information at hand.

 Ability to effectively function as a team player.

 Experience with GPS and Google Earth tools

 Skill in problem identification and resolution

Education and Experience:

High School Diploma or equivalent. Three to five years of Fixed Wireless experience.

Job Location (City, State)
Sedalia, MO
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Kelly Elias