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Let's Work Together to Serve the Rural Telecom Market


We want to partner with you in serving the rural telecom industry.


NTCA's snearly 850 telco members are looking for solutions to remain competitive and achieve operational efficiencies, and they value the relationships we've built with service providers such as yours. Boost visibility and awareness of your brand in this market segment by collaborating with us.

Sponsorship, advertising and exhibition opportunities with NTCA allow you to develop integrated marketing campaigns through digital and live platforms that reach both broad and niche audiences.




Put your brand front and center on NTCA's website, which was recently redesigned to maximize the user experience. By featuring your logo or sponsoring content on key pages, you're guaranteed to build awareness. Advertising opportunities are also available in email newsletters and NTCA's quarterly magazine, Rural Telecom. Showcase your expertise through a variety of content marketing opportunities, including email blasts, product spotlights and webcasts. Build relationships with rural broadband providers by sponsoring an NTCA event. Larger conferences typically feature dedicated exhibit halls, while smaller meetings offer unique opportunities to interact with attendees and generate leads. Get the most bang for your buck by becoming a Star Partner. You'll enjoy early access to high-profile opportunities and discounted rates on custom marketing packages.


GENERAL POLICY: All marketing opportunities offered by NTCA and purchased by vendors are subject to our approval. NTCA reserves the right to reject any advertising, sponsorships or other marketing opportunities submitted by vendors for any reason.

NTCA membership consists of the following categories:

ILEC Member
A non-ILEC subsidiary is an entity affiliated with an ILEC that was created to provide telecommunications services including, but not limited to, cable television, wireless, video and competitive services to fewer than 50,000 customers.

Non-ILEC Subsidiary Member
A non-ILEC subsidiary member is an entity affiliated with an ILEC member that was created to provide telecommunications services, including, but not limited to, cable television, wireless companies, interexchange carriers, video providers, ISPs and competitive local exchange carriers with fewer than 50,000 customers.

Associate Member
An associate member is a supplier of goods and services to the communications industry. Suppliers include entities such as insurance companies, manufacturers, other rural utilities, statewide providers of equal access, and consultants such as accounting, engineering and law firms. This category also includes national communications associations.

Association Member
An association member is a local, state or regional association of communications companies.



For more information, contact:
Michele Coleman, (703) 351-2089