Organizational Assessment and Strategic Planning

You can have the best strategic plan and goals in front of you, but if you do not have the organization well-tuned, you will never be able to achieve those plans and goals.  JSI and NTCA have teamed up to provide you with organizational and operational assessment services to help your company achieve its strategic goals.  These assessments can be specifically focused on one or many areas of your organization. 

 Assess and transform the way you do business to improve performance and position your operations for the future. 

The following are just some of the areas covered by this jointly produced service:

  • Regulated and Nonregulated Services
  • Future Services
  • Staffing,  Job Functions and Staff Development
  • Wages and Benefits
  • Incentive policies
  • Processes and Procedures
  • Systems Analysis
  • Internal Communications
  • Corporate and Management Policies
  • Financial and Corporate Structure
  • Physical and Support Facilities
  • Sales and Marketing Practices
  • M&A Opportunities
  • Local Strategic Partnership Opportunities
  • Succession  Planning
  • Tools and Resources
  • Customer Service Systems

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