Now You Can Have Access to an Entire Cybersecurity Team Without Having to Hire One

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Watch this CyberShare webinar about small network operator cyber-threat information sharing. 


Cyber attacks are now so commonplace that all providers must have access to threat indicators to protect their network and customers. CyberShare is a new cyberthreat information sharing program created especially for small broadband companies. CyberShare communicates critical information among local and regional telecommunications operators.

CyberShare provides high-quality indicators of attacks as well as actionable threat information. You can now be part of a trusted community where you can collaborate to improve your security posture.





Promotional Rate
ends 4/30
Regular Rate $3,000/year
Nonmember Rate**
Nonmembers please contact us or call (703) 351-2020 to get started.

Subscriptions allow three individuals to receive the reports and access the secure portal. Subscriptions automatically renew at the end of the year.

TIG customers can receive up to 50%* premium credit on their TIG Cyber Policy

*Eligibility will be confirmed by staff. Once confirmed, participation in CyberShare is contingent on participants signing a user agreement with NTCA, as well as going through a brief training on information sharing protocols and portal use. 

**While non-nationwide network operators may join, given the sensitivity of the information and need for a trusted information-sharing environment, parties who do not operate networks will be denied access.


How to subscribe

NTCA members: Your company admin should log in to your account in Member Central. From the Member Central main page, select Company Management, then CyberShare Application.

Nonmembers: Please contact us or call (703) 351-2020 to get started.

Chad Kliewer, CISSP, Information Security Officer

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (Kingfisher, OK)

When it comes to information sharing, small and mid-sized companies have unique needs and protect themselves differently than government agencies and large companies. CyberShare is a forum designed from the ground up to support small and mid-sized businesses with timely and relevant cybersecurity information, as well as a great peer resource group.

Why CyberShare?

CyberShare participants have access to: daily & weekly reports, in-person & virtual meetings and a secure web platform. 

Frank Bulk, CTO

Premier Communications (Sioux Center, IA)

CyberShare provides us with a trusted community of like-minded professionals. It’s easier to share information and provide resources to people who are similar to you and are running software that’s particular to small telecoms.