Promoting Rural Broadband Networks and Applications

Smart Rural CommunitiesTM  Are Building a Brighter Future for Small Town America

From the Pacific Ocean to Georgia’s coastal plains, a nationwide effort is underway to bring high-speed internet to small-town America. Rural broadband providers are taking lead to bring advanced digital infrastructure to the regions and the people they serve. Their goal? To enhance quality of life by creating Smart Rural Communities, which utilize a robust fiber network to jumpstart economic growth and improve access to first-rate education, healthcare, and government services.

Join the Network

NTCA members that achieve certain network and service standards can apply to become a SRC Smart Rural Community Provider™ and join the national network of innovative rural broadband providers building smarter rural communities. 


National Recognition

The annual SRC Showcase Awards are presented to NTCA members to recognize their extraordinary achievements in promoting rural broadband networks and applications in rural communities. Awards are based on the demonstrated use of these technologies to support innovative economic development, education, health care, and other vital public functions.



The SRC Grant is an annual opportunity for rural broadband providers to obtain grants to deploy broadband-enabled solutions within their community. Matching-fund  obligations require local communications providers to recruit the participation of other local leaders.


Congratulations to Our Smart Rural Community Providers™

  • Albany Mutual Telephone Association (Albany, MN)
  • Federated Telephone Cooperative (Chokio, MN)
  • Emily Cooperative Telephone Co. (Emily, MN)
  • Consolidated Telephone Company (Brainerd, MN)
  • Farmers Mutual Telephone Company (Bellingham, MN)
  • Paul Bunyan Communications (Bemidji, MN)
  • BEK Communications Cooperative (Steele, ND)
  • Tri-County Communications Cooperative (Strum, WI)
  • Citizens Telephone Cooperative (New Auburn, WI)
  • Panhandle Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (Guymon, OK)
  • Big Bend Telephone Co., Inc. (Alpine, TX)
  • Coleman County Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (Santa Anna, TX)
  • Pembroke Telephone Company (Pembroke, GA)
  • United Communications (Langdon, ND)
  • Polar Communications (Park River, ND)
  • Dickey Rural Telephone Cooperative (Ellendale, ND)
  • West River Telecommunications Cooperative (Hazen, ND)
  • Consolidated Telcom (Dickinson, ND)
  • ToledoTel (Toledo, WA)
  • Wittenberg Telephone Company (Wittenberg, WI)
  • Cochrane Cooperative Telephone Company (Cochrane, WI)
  • Yucca Telecom (Portales, NM)
  • Central Texas Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (Goldthwaite, TX)
  • Taylor Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (Merkel, TX)
  • UNITEL, Inc. (Unity, ME)
  • South Park Telephone (Hartsel, CO)
  • Thacker-Grigsby Telephone Company, Inc. (Hindman, KY)
  • Madison Telephone Co. (Staunton, IL)
  • Shawnee Communications (Equality, IL)
  • Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative (McKee, KY)
  • Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation (ATMC; Shallotte, NC)
  • Tri-County Telephone Membership Corporation (Belhaven, NC)
  • Surry Telephone Membership Corporation (Dobson, NC)
  • Marne & Elk Horn Telephone Co. (Elk Horn, IA)
  • Alpine Communications, (Elkader, IA)
  • Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association (Gowrie, IA)
  • Kalona Cooperative Technology Co. (Kalona, IA)
  • Premier Communications (Sioux Center, IA)
  • Liberty Communications (West Liberty, IA)
  • Wilkes Communications (Wilkesboro, NC)
  • DTC Communications (Alexandria, TN)
  • Ben Lomand Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (McMinnville, TN)
  • The Rye Telephone Company (Bedford, NH)
  • Livingston Telephone Company (Bedford, NH)
  • Buckland Telephone Company (Buckland, OH)
  • Wiatel-Western Iowa Telecom (Lawton, IA)
  • Cascade Communications Company (Cascade, IA)
  • Clear Lake Independent Telephone Company (Clear Lake, IA)
  • Farmers Mutual Telephone Company (Stanton, IA)
  • Dumont Telephone Company (Dumont, IA)
  • Rainbow Telecommunications Association, Inc. (Everest, KS)
  • Cunningham Telephone Company, Inc. (Glen Elder, KS)
  • Green Hills Communications (Breckenridge, MO)
  • GRM Networks (Princeton, MO)


Advisory Council

The Smart Rural Community Advisory Council (SRCAC) supports the SRC initiative by providing the technical and business expertise essential to the implementation of the program. The SRCAC includes representatives from the communications, power utility, education, agriculture, public safety, health care and rural economic development industries. Certain NTCA member committees, as well as one NTCA staff liaison, are also represented on the council.


Current Members
  • NTCA Associate Member Advisory Council (Chair)
  • NTCA Innovation and Business Opportunity (Chairs)
  • NTCA Marketing Committee (Chair)
  • American Farm Bureau Federation
  • American Library Association
  • Inteliquent
  • Mapcom Systems
  • National Information Solutions Cooperative
  • National Rural Economic Developers Association
  • National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative
  • Palmetto Engineering & Consulting, LLC
  • Ribbon Telecommunications
  • Plus One Strategic Communications
  • Veterans Health Administration's Office of Rural Health
  • Citizens Connected (SRC Alumni Representative, 2016)
  • Consolidated Telecommunications Co. (SRC Alumni Representative, 2014)
  • Madison Telephone Co. (SRC Alumni Representative, 2015)
  • Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative (SRC Alumni Representative, 2014)


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