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Join Smart Rural Communities™ in Building a Brighter Future for Small Town America

Smart Rural Communities represents a network of communities powered by innovative community-based broadband providers building a brighter future for small town America. Smart Rural Communities, a program of NTCA, promotes rural broadband and its role in supporting innovative economic development, effective education, efficient energy distribution and use, state-of-the-art health care and other important issues for rural America.





NTCA members that achieve certain network and service standards can apply to become a Smart Rural Community Provider™ and join the national network of innovative rural broadband providers building smarter rural communities. Smart Rural Community Providers™ are NTCA provider members who:

  1. Offer 25/3 Mbps broadband to 50% or more of their service area;
  2. Have broadband subscription rates of at least 50%, and;
  3. Affirm their commitment to SRC principles of collaborative innovation.


Smart Rural Community Providers enjoy the following benefits with payment of a $500 annual licensing fee:

  • Smart Rural Community Provider digital badge
  • Marketing kit with digital and video branding ads
  • Co-branding opportunities on “Smart Rural Community” road signs
  • Listing on website and other program materials

Get Started

NTCA ILEC members may apply to be a Smart Rural Community Provider by logging in to Member Central. Please note that the individual completing the application must be a company administrator for the member company.  Once logged into Member Central, simply click the SRC Application button.  

Share Your Gig Greatness

If your company can provide gigabit broadband, help your community stay on the edge of what’s next by becoming a Smart Rural Community Gig-Capable Provider™. Smart Rural Community Gig-Capable Providers are NTCA provider members who can provide gigabit broadband service to 95% of one or more exchanges or census blocks in their service territory without new trenching or stringing new aerial facilities.

Smart Rural Community Gig-Capable Providers apply for designation as part of the Smart Rural Community Provider application process and receive these benefits:

  • Smart Rural Community Gig-Capable Provider digital badge
  • All benefits of Smart Rural Community Provider designation

Join the Network

If applying for gig-capable provider status for the first time, please submit a letter of confirmation to

Make a Smart Start

Looking for a project to get you started building a Smart Rural Community? Smart Rural Community Grants™ distributed annually on a competitive basis help build local innovation and broadband-enabled community improvements with these benefits:

  • Smart Rural Community Grant Winner™ digital badge
  • All benefits of Smart Rural Community Provider designation
  • Up to $5,000 grant


Stand Up and Be Celebrated

As the premier award for Smart Rural Community Providers, the Smart Rural Community Showcase Award™ represents the best and brightest in rural innovation. The Smart Rural Community Showcase Award is reserved for Smart Rural Community Providers that exhibit exception achievement in innovative and collaborative broadband achievements in their communities.

Showcase award winners selected through the annual competition enjoy these additional perks:

  •  Smart Rural Community Showcase Award Winner™ digital badge
  • All benefits of Smart Rural Community Provider designation
  • Recognition a NTCA Fall Conference trophy presentation and exclusive reception
  • Increased visibility on program materials and website
  • Local media outreach by NTCA



Need Help?

If you are an existing Smart Rural Community Showcase Award Winner or NTCA Gig-Certified Provider and need help considering your options, visit our FAQs or contact us at