Who reviews applications?

The Smart Rural Communities Advisory Council (SRCAC) is responsible for the review and scoring of all applications. NTCA staff serves an administrative role to ensure each application is reviewed by a large number of advisers. NTCA does not score applications.

How are the applications reviewed?

Applications are reviewed in a multiround, multipanel process. Panel assignments and rotations ensure a balance of review by rural experts, including telecom, education, health care, energy and economic development.

How are the applications scored?

Each section of the application provides a description of the desired information as well as its maximum point value. The applications with the most points are designated for a Smart Rural Community Showcase Award. Word limits are important to follow to qualify for a complete review.

Who is qualified to review an application?

Application review qualifications: NTCA carrier members of the SRCAC who submit or otherwise participate in the preparation of an application are disqualified from reviewing any applications. Associate Members of NTCA who are members of the SRCAC must declare if they assisted in the preparation of applications and are disqualified from reviewing such applications, but may score other applications.