Congratulations to the past SRC Showcase Award Winners


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Perham, MN
Area Served: 9,813 square miles
Population: 3,087

Public Safety
The Perham Fire Department serves 164 square miles and five townships. Relying on broadband and LTE, each volunteer firefighter’s smartphone includes a mobile app that allows the firefighter to view reported fires, use GPS to find the fire’s location, and confirm the availability of each team member. The app also identifies the location of nearby fire hydrants.

Melrose, MN
Areas Served: 9,813 square miles
Population: nearly 4,100

Public Safety 
All police department vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi and GPS, providing officers immediate access to data and improving overall community safety. Arvig’s broadband network also assists local ambulance services with a traffic-signal-prioritization system to manipulate traffic signals for emergency vehicles in transit.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2016, 2015


Walker, MN
Area Served: 2.47 square miles
Population: Approx. 1,000

Natural Resources
Broadband deployment in and along Leech Lake, a popular tourist attraction, has been essential to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resource’s ability to monitor fishing populations.  Instead of tracking fishing populations by paper and pen, the DNR uses military-grade electronic devices and a specifically designed database

Showcase Awards Winner: 2018

Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation (ATMC)

Shallotte, NC
Area Served: 9.4 square miles
Population: Approx. 4,400

ATMC has installed fiber at every public school in Brunswick County, creating large capacity Internet access that has improved learning environments. Teachers are able to use different platforms for education including smart boards, distance education and iPads.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2017

Ben Lomand Connect

McMinnville, TN
Area Served: more than 3,200 square miles
Population: 115,000

Smart Grid
Ben Lomand Connect established a virtual local area network (VLAN) for an electric utility that provides power to over 8,000 customers. The VLAN is a two-way system that enables meter reading, power outage data and voltage alerts.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2016

Big Bend Telephone Co.

Alpine, TX
Area Served: 17,593 square miles
Population: 0.3 customers per square mile

Big Bend collaborated with the University of Texas (UT) and Texas Lone Star Network to serve the McDonald Observatory, the most remote facility in the UT organization. The observatory is home to one of the world’s largest optical telescopes, and is operated jointly with domestic and international institutions. The telescope, served with 500 Mbps, is essential for searches for planets around other stars, other galaxies, black holes and other phenomena. 

Showcase Awards Winner: 2015

Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative Inc.

Pikeville, TN
Area Served:  804 square miles
Population:  Approx. 27,600

Economic Development
Bledsoe’s installation of a 20/20 Mbps facility to a company that supplies equipment internationally to automotive and mechanical engineering industries was instrumental in the company’s decision to locate a production facility in Dunlap, TN. The company has brought 250 jobs to the community.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2017

Blue Valley Tele-Communications Inc.

Home, KS
Population: 6,869 

Community Health Care Inc. - facilities spread across 10,000 square miles; features electronic health records (EHR) and a picture archive system (PACS) that enables remote diagnosis to expedite emergency medical treatment.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2013

Bruce Telephone Co.

Bruce, MS
Area Served:  294 square miles
Population:  Approx. 7,000

Emergency Services
As part of fiber upgrade, all aspects of trunks to the 911 PSAP were made redundant, including line cards, fiber, and termination equipment.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2017

Citizens Connected

New Auburn, WI
Area Served: 191 square miles
Population: 1,482

Natural Resources
Citizens Connected’s service area is home to many lakes, forests and recreational opportunities. An all-weather camera at Lower Long Lake uses a broadband connection to monitor boats in an effort to keep invasive weeds and wildlife out of the lake. Additionally, nearby campgrounds are Wi-Fi enabled.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2016 

Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative

Bloomfield, IA
Area Served: 440 square miles
Population: Approximately 9,000

Citizens’ fiber build supports regional commerce, including steel fabrication, IT services, and publishing. The ability to receive and transmit large files gives local businesses serving these industries a competitive advantage and has encouraged their location in the Citizens service area.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2016 

Clear Lake Independent Telephone Co.

Clear Lake, IA
Area Served: 170 square miles
Population: 35,861 (across multiple service areas)

Public Safety
Local police departments utilize broadband to obtain crime data, video conference with counterparts, and conduct remote training. CL Tel provides an independent fiber link between law enforcement and the courthouse.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2017

ComSouth Telecommunications

Hawkinsville, GA
Area Served: more than 270 square miles
Population: 11,542

Smart Grid
Taylor Regional Healthcare System (TRHS) transmits medical records and images electronically from their facilities to its medical partners. A local telehealth initiative supported by ComSouth allows students and teachers to access medical care utilizing connected health carts in school nurse offices that provide connections to remote physicians.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2016

Consolidated Telecommunications Company

Brainerd, MN
Area Served: 2,925 square miles
Population: 48,000

Working with Independent School District 181 and four other community organizations, CTC constructed a 10G fiber ring around the Brainerd and Baxter communities connecting all area schools, government buildings, and the local hospital. This collaborative undertaking has improved educational opportunities, interconnectivity and efficiency of local law enforcement, and benefitted healthcare entities in the communities.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2014

Copper Valley Telecom

Valdez, AK
Area Served: 9,408 square miles
Population: 7,074.

The final 150 miles of the 800-mile Trans-Alaska Pipeline transects the Copper Valley service area and terminates at the Alyeska Oil Pipeline Terminal facility in Valdez; approximately 20 percent of the U.S. domestic oil production is shipped via this line. Daily operations are supported by voice and broadband capabilities, while wireless broadband enables communications between boat crews, weather stations, and the U.S. Coast Guard. High-speed Internet capabilities support simulated disaster events for critical response training.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2014


Dakota Central

Carrington, ND
Area Serving:  3,518 square miles
Population: 20,000

Supports on-line therapy for differently-abled individuals to facilitate their use of adaptive technology and equipment to enable greater communications and function in typical society activities.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2017


Ellendale, ND
Population: 19,000 

Ellendale Public Schools - All students in grades 4-12 are provided with iPads; these connected-devices enable students to partake in advanced coursework via an ITV system, and enable multiple districts to share resources.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2013

Endeavor Communications

Cloverdale, IN
Area Served: 540 square miles
Population: Approximately 20,000

Economic Development
Endeavor is a member of seven local Chambers of Commerce; three Economic and Development Boards; and the state Chamber of Commerce. Endeavor worked with business developers to bring an Industrial Park to the region. This facility, which is served by Endeavor’s high-capacity network, attracted major firms, two of which alone occupy 1.75 million square feet of space and have brought more than 800 jobs to the area. 

Showcase Awards Winner: 2015


Kingstree, SC
Area Served: 681 square miles
Population: 108,000

Public Safety
FTC serves Shaw Air Base, which is home to the 9th Air Force, the 20th Fighter Wing, Air Force Central Command (AFCENT, and Army Central Command (ARCENT). The installation hosts 8,000 military and civilian personnel, but the 9th Air Force itself is responsible for 29,000 employees and 400 aircraft in eight states and three other units. A 10 gig fiber optic circuit from FTC is the starting point for many military communications devices and techniques with layers of security and cross certifications. 

Showcase Awards Winner: 2014

Garden Valley Telephone Co.

Erskine, MN
Area Served: serves 24 exchanges covering 3,700 square miles across eight counties 
Population: 32,629

Career Training and Education
In December 2015, Garden Valley partnered with local school districts to create a dedicated broadcast channel for each school. The company provided schools with broadcast equipment and training for students and staff, providing opportunities to learn about broadcasting and skills and experience to work in the industry.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2016

Golden Belt Telephone Association, Inc.

Rush Center, KS
Area Served: 3,205 square miles
Population: 4,410

Supports weed burning prevention equipment manufacturer. Domestic and international on-line sales constitute 75 percent of firm's business; cost-savings enjoyed when catalogue printing cut from 15,000 to 8,000.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2017

GVTC Communications

New Braunfels, TX
Area Served: 2,000 square miles
Population: 69,700

Economic Development
Led the formation of a private/public partnership to promote broadband-supported economic development. Attracted two oil-related businesses to the area, including a call center and a pipeline supplier.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2017



Hartington, NE
Area Served: 198 square miles
Population: 1,615

K-12 Education
Supports two school systems with full fiber connectivity. Community college offers college credit courses for high school students.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2017

Home Telecom Co. Inc.

Moncks Corner, SC
Area Served: 1,100 square miles
Population: 194,750

With the technological help of Home Telecom, the Berkeley County Mobile Library meets the educational needs of small communities without access to a local library. The efficiency and lower cost of the mobile library allows Berkeley County to provide rural users with laptops and internet access, as well as 2,500 books, audiobooks, movies and music. Home Telecom provides Wi-Fi to most of the library’s 30 stops. The communities rely on the internet access provided in order to conduct both personal and professional business.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2016


Ripley, ON, Canada
Area Served: 310 square miles
Population: 5,500

The company serves manufacturing, health care, agricultural, and educational interests. HuronTel has grown four-fold from a staff of eight to 35; the average age of its staff is 34 is composed predominantly of young people who were reared and who now remain in their home communities.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2014

ITS Telecom Inc.

Indiantown, FL
Population: 5,500

Economic Development
High-density secure data center collocation facility - provides protection against South Florida hurricanes and computer server backup while remaining geographically proximate to business users. Indiantown Community Outreach - provides high-capacity service to support Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Program for low-income residents. Area Call Center - enables home-based telework opportunities for bilingual residents.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2013

Lakeland Communications Group, LLC

Milltown, WI
Area Served: 237 square miles
Population: Approximately 12,000

Health Care
Lakeland enables telemedicine for a hospital with six locations across two states. All campuses are connected and can review charts, X-rays and other records at any location. Specialists and Radiologists relying on these telemedicine capabilities are able to ensure off-hours review of critical imaging reports, and can offer crucial care decisions in a moment’s notice.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2015

Liberty Communications

West Liberty, IA
Area Served: 187 square miles
Population: 6,000

Liberty’s service area is home to more than 200 businesses and hundreds of small farmers. Robust broadband access has proven critical to the success of these businesses by enabling cameras and sensors that can be monitored by broadband-enabled devices, as well as web-based portals to enable local and global sales.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2016


Madison Telephone Co.

Staunton, IL
Area Served: 102 square miles
Population: Approximately 6,000 households

Civic Engagement
Madison partners with state agencies, chamber executives and economic development professionals to provide forums for utilizing broadband to extend market outreach, advertising, cost efficient inventory and financial transaction applications and public safety. The company’s headquarters training room serves as a community computer lab where company personnel offer basic courses as well as new technology workshops to encourage adoption and use.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2015

Marquette-Adams Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

Oxford, WI
Area Served: 518 square miles
Population: 17,600

Health Care and Telemedicine
Deployed redundant fiber network to not-for-profit, 25-bed critical access hospital that is the largest in the telecom's service territory. Supports satellite clinics that enable patients to obtain broadband-supported healthcare closer to home.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2017

Mosaic Telecom

Cameron, WI
Area Served: more than 425 square miles
Population: 4,126

Nonprofit Mosaic aids the Boys and Girls Club of Barron County and Benjamin’s House Emergency Center as their technology partner in their fundraising efforts. Both organizations’ fundraising revenue comes from silent auctions that can be conducted on a mobile platform. This allows the organizations to conduct their auctions electronically, giving guests the chance to view items before the event, bid efficiently and monitor bidding on their mobile devices.

Supports cheese manufacturer that doubled size of 1928 facility and increased employment by 350; Mosaic plowed fiber to support operations with European counterparts.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2017, 2016

Mutual Telephone Co.

Little River, KS
Population: 577

Economic Development
CBC Foods - produces nationally sold cookie dough sold as fundraisers for schools, civic associations and other organizations. Rockhouse Motion - produces high-definition stock video and photography for commercials, documentaries, and outdoor industry "sizzle" films.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2013

Nex-Tech, Inc.

Hays, KS
Population: 20,150

Hess Services and Wheelchairs of Kansas - increased their out-of-region and international sales via high-capacity connections. HaysMed - the only tertiary-level hospital services in the region which enables the rapid transfer of imaging and electronic health records; upgrading its Cardiac Rehab unit to full digital connectivity to 12 regional hospitals.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2013

NineStar Connect

Greenfield, IN
Area Served: 320 square mile, eight county region of central Indiana.
Population: 15,000 members

NineStar smart meters enable meter reading automation and time of use rates, eliminating costly meter readings and enabling users to identify usage trends and purchase energy when it is most economical. NineStar Connect, itself a merger between a communications and energy company, has created an additional communications firm with an area energy company and partners with other public utilities to deliver GigE services to users in rural Indiana. 

Showcase Awards Winner: 2015

North Central Telephone Cooperative

Lafayette, TN
Area Served: 900 square miles
Population: 27,500

Following a 2008 tornado that killed 14 people and destroyed 231 homes, the company undertook comprehensive broadband commitments and now serves Macon County General Hospital, a 25-bed critical access hospital, and has reduced certain diagnostic protocols involving CT scans and x-rays from a length of days to a span of minutes. 

Showcase Awards Winner: 2014


Park Regional Telephone / Otter Tail Telecom

Underwood, MN

Fergus Falls Public Schools - utilizes a high-capacity connection between the various school buildings located throughout the city of Fergus Falls. This broadband connection enables staff to access and share files seamlessly across the network, and supports iQ Academy Minnesota, an accredited public school program offering Minnesota students in grades K-12 an innovative, high-quality alternative to the traditional learning experience.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2013

Panhandle Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

Guymon, OK
Area Served: 6,328 square miles
Population: 28,117

Social Services
Supports not-for-profit, community-based charitable organization that assists clients with mental health therapy and foster child placement. PTCI network capabilities enable rapid transfer of data across great distances to speed the settlement of children in new homes.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2017

Paul Bunyan Communications

Bemidji, MN
Area served: 5,000 square miles
Population: Estimated at 70,000.

Rural Entrepreneurship
Paul Bunyan service supports the Mayflower Building, which offers incubation space for tech and engineering companies and which features work stations and connected facilities for teleconferencing.  Paul Bunyan also supports the Itasca Technology Exchange that connects early-stage and expanding technology companies with high-speed, high-bandwidth network connectivity, data center services, office facilities, capital investment, and business services to help grow technology business.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2015

Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative

McKee, KY
Area Served: 542 square miles
Population: 18,460

Facing the state’s highest unemployment rates and acute poverty, area students utilize the county’s Owsley Schools Snow Bound Project, a pilot program aimed at reducing the impact of winter weather on education by enabling access to the Kentucky Virtual High School for high school courses and other on-line learning opportunities. PRTC also partners with Jackson County Schools and the public library to provide free community technology and broadband training.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2014

Pineland Telephone Cooperative Inc.

Metter, GA
Area Served: 1,200 square miles 
Population: 40,605

Smart Grid
Ben Lomand Connect established a virtual local area network (VLAN) for an electric utility that provides power to over 8,000 customers. The VLAN is a two-way system that enables meter reading, power outage data and voltage alerts.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2016

Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corp.

Park River, ND
Area Served: More than 3,939 square miles
Population: 10,966

Polar supports local K-12 education with annual grants that enable the acquisition of advanced electronics and educational software. At the collegiate level, Polar worked with Mayville State University to create the first “laptop university” in the United States. Polar fiber supports a WiFi network that enables the 1,000 students connect campus-wide.

Showcase Awards Winner:  2015

Premier Communications

Sioux Center, IA
Area Served: 96 square miles
Population: 9,000

Economic Development
A major window manufacturer looked for broadband connectivity and selected Premier-served area over more 50 other locations to build a new 260,000 square foot plant employing more than 200 people. This factory maintains data transfer systems with distributors and retail sales nationwide as well as corporate headquarters 250 miles away.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2014

Quadro Communications Co-operative, Inc.

Kirkton, ON, Canada
Area Served: 800 square miles
Population: 10,000

Health Care
Works with other local telecom firms in a formal organization to provide anchor institutions with secure data connections, including medical records to a group of hospitals spread over four counties.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2017

Rainbow Telecommunications Association

Everest, KS
Area Served: Approximately 2,700 square miles
Population: 17,223

Manufacturing firms utilize Rainbow Communications’ broadband to implement and integrate systems governing order entry, tracking, shipping, warehouse and inventory management, bar coding and other Internet-enabled manufacturing equipment.  Local agriculture, furniture and pet food manufacturing firms utilize Rainbow’s Fiber Active-Ethernet service covering nearly 20 locations, employ approximately 1,000, and support more than 450 connected industrial devices.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2015

Red River Communications

Richland County, ND
Area Served: 1,500 square miles
Population:       8,000 (across three states)

Aging in Place
Developed telemedicine link with local pharmacist that enables pharmacy in neighboring community to remain open upon the retirement of that community's pharmacist. This facilitates aging in place by enabling elderly residents to remain close to an operating local pharmacy.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2017

SkyLine Membership Corp.

West Jefferson, NC
Area Served: 840 square miles
Population: 55,607

Working with the Center for Entrepreneurship, the Watauga Economic Development Commission and the local chamber of commerce, Skyline created and supports through its broadband network an entrepreneurial hub to cultivate economic development as well as a regional summit and youth entrepreneurship camp.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2016


Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Area Served: 365 square miles
Population: 18,000

Solarus pre-sold fiber upgrades to 40 percent of businesses, working with local Chamber of Commerce to create “Chamber Bucks” that Solarus purchases and presents to new customers in the amount of their local subscription rates. Those tickets, in turn, are spent in the community, coupling broadband expansion with “buy local” support and growth for local businesses.

Showcase Awards Winners: 2014

South Slope Cooperative Communications

North Liberty, IA
Area Served: 518 square miles with nearly
Population: 20,000 business and residential locations.

Judicial System
South Slope provides broadband and multiple communications systems to a medical and classification center that houses 900 incarcerated individuals. The facility also houses a state-of-the-art medical division. South Slope met the judicial system’s demands for quick response times, innovative services, and safety and background qualifications.

Showcase Awards Winners: 2015



De Leon, TX
Area Served: 1,182
Population: 4,500

Clean Energy
Initiated six miles of new construction to remote area to support maintenance facility for 87-turbine wind farm with capability to power 50,000 homes.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2017

Tri-County Communications Cooperative

Strum, WI
Area Served: 850 square miles
Population: 32,000

Tri-County attracted out-of-state business by securing interest of Texas mining company and building fiber connection to new site; Tri-County also networked dedicated connectivity to other mining sites for seamless communications between geographically disparate locations. TCC provides redundant connection to the world’s largest furniture manufacturer, allowing it to keep its business running around the clock, and around the globe.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2015, 2014

Twin Valley

Miltonvale, KS
Area Served: 2,400 square miles
Population: 19,962

Community Building 
Twin Valley supports the Clay County Economic Development Group (CCEDG), a non-profit organization that works with local businesses to improve internal corporate structure and encourage new business start-ups. CCEDG utilizes a 100 Mbps pipe for communications and web-based professional and entrepreneurial training.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2014


Unity, ME
Area Served: 280 square miles
Population: 16 rural communities in three counties, 5,000 households

Fire Department
UniTel provides broadband to local volunteer fire departments, enabling emergency service providers to connect with each other in order to support information sharing, training and fire safety concerns in the extremely rural areas of the state.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2016

Vernon Telephone 

Viroqua, WI
Area Served: 3.8 square miles
Population: of 4,362

A global food-processing and commodities-trading corporation with more than 30,000 employees maintains in the Vernon service area a grain storage facility that processes about six million bushels of corn, soybeans and soft red winter wheat each year. Approximately 180-200 local farmers can spot sell, store or contract their grain in a process that monitors fluctuating grain prices, communicates bids, and maintains real-time communications.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2014


Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom

Waitsfield, VT
Area Served: 669 square miles
Population: 28,858

Public Safety
After Hurricane Irene hit Vermont in September 2012, the State of Vermont relocated 100 employees to a vacant space in fully-connected Mad River Valley Business Park. When the state employees returned to their home offices, WCVT and local offices attracted 130 employees of a 1,200 member dairy cooperative to the site; those workers, in turn, support the local economy of shops, restaurants, and other community institutions.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2014

Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association

Gowrie, IA
Area Served: 715 square miles
Population: 8,023

Banking and Financial Services
Enables five-star rated local bank with five locations to compete with larger banks and offer expanded service, including real-time access by customers to account information.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2017

West Carolina Tel

Abbeville, SC
Area Served: 862 square miles
Population: 39,070

Higer Education
Enables students at a small private college to engage coursework in programming, advanced mathematics, engineering, research and design. These programs prepare students to enter a tech-centric job market.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2017

West Central Telephone Association

Sebeka, MN
Population: 8,671

Health Care
Tri-County Hospital - connected broadband-enabled consultations with physicians at remote clinics enables specialist care in the community, and thereby remediates the need to travel.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2013

West Wisconsin Telcom Cooperative

Downsville, WI
Area Served: 545 square miles
Population: 26,200

Commerce and Economic Development
Extended fiber providing synchronous 75 Mbps, with the ability to increase to 1 Gbps, to support a new retail outlet that created 40 new jobs; provides fiber to enable public Wi-Fi, 24/7 security monitoring and communications system in a community-owned store that supports 30 local jobs.

Showcase Awards Winner: 2016