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From improving the nation's infrastructure to securing stable funding and advancing rural development, NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association is working to build a better broadband future.

Every day small rural broadband providers work hard to deliver vital broadband services that spur innovations in business, education, agriculture, community and telehealth. Their steadfast commitment to serving the communities they call home makes them rural America’s trusted solution providers.

NTCA Smart Rural Communities℠ Showcase Winners provide critical broadband services to their customers, but they go above and beyond when it comes to their commitment to drive growth and create opportunities for their communities. Hear their stories.



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Photo of Shentel CEO
A Staff Retreat to Remember

When budgets permit, we like to hold an annual retreat for our NTCA team, typically one for our Arlington and one for our Asheville operation. This year, with the number of new members of our team, we decided to hold a staff retreat for the Arlington office with some folks driving up from Asheville that would allow us to spend some time with an NTCA member and share a little bit more insight with our team that spends more time in the office than on the road, exactly what an NTCA member might look like and how their operations run.

Another Spoke in the National Broadband Agenda Wheel

Last week I had the opportunity to join a panel discussion at the Broadband Communities program and shared my perspective on partnerships and how they might move the ball forward on broadband deployment in hard to serve rural markets. Whether it is NTCA member rural broadband providers partnering with one another, with their state fiber networks, with local electric coops or communities – part of the equation is what it will take for some of our unserved and underserved communities to actually receive connectivity.

Nationals players getting of a plane
Bumpy Roads Lead to Beautiful Places

Those are the words from Washington Nationals baseball coach, Dave Martinez, who has had his share of challenges in his second year of coaching DC’s relatively new baseball team as DC’s hometown team worked their way into the playoffs and then into the World Series and then returning home tonight as World Series Champions! I had so much fun watching the Nats finally live up to their expectations and found a number of life lessons in their journey.

While everyone else in my family is more of a radical baseball fan than I am – I am still good for a game or two a season in person (not a huge fan of crowds and the logistical challenges they bring!) but have followed the team closely and watch the games on TV and thoroughly enjoyed the genuine camaraderie of this team as they supported each other over the finish line. This is a team that helped to bridge the political divide in a town where politics drive nearly everything. No small feat.