NTCA Addresses Access Reform and Lifeline Minimum Service Standards with Chairman Pai's Office

On November 8, 2019, Mike Romano, of NTCA met with Nirali Patel, wireline advisor to Chairman Ajit Pai to discuss 8YY Access Charge Reform and Lifeline minimum service standards.  NTCA discussed the implications of 8YY originating access reforms on rural consumers and carriers and urged the Commission to ensure sufficient recovery mechanisms are in place for RLEC's.   NTCA clarified their Petition for Waiver for Lifeline would only enable an existing customer to choose not to upgrade to a higher-speed service and instead to retain their existing service even if that services were below the minimum service standard. 

8YY Access Charge Reform, WC Docket No. 18-156; Lifeline and Linkup Reform and Modernization, WC Docket No. 11-42