NTCA Recommends FCC Adopt Rules Requiring Carriers to Replace Equipment and Services Deemed a Cybersecurity Threat Only When Federal Funding is Available to Reimburse Carriers for the Cost

On February 3, 2020, NTCA filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission encouraging the commission to adopt rules that would require eligible telecommunications carriers (ETCs) to remove and replace equipment and services the commission has deemed a cybersecurity threat only when federal funding is available to reimburse ETCs for the cost of replacing such equipment and services with comparable new equipment.  NTCA also recommended the commission recognize ETCs are dependent upon equipment vendors to accurately identify the source of equipment.  Accordingly, NTCA urged the commission to make clear that: 1) carriers should obtain written assurances from their suppliers, vendors or manufacturers asserting that the equipment or services purchased do not include any covered equipment or services; and 2) the commission will not withhold USF funds from ETCs that obtain such written assurances.


Protecting Against National Security Threats to the Communications Supply Chain Through FCC Programs, WC Docket No. 18-89