#RebuildRural Outlines Infrastructure Priorities for Rural Prosperity Task Force

The following press release is being reposted on NTCA's website. NTCA is an active member of the Rebuild Rural Coalition.

#RebuildRural Outlines Infrastructure Priorities for Rural Prosperity Task Force

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 14, 2017)—The Rebuild Rural Coalition outlined its priorities today in a letter to Secretary Sonny Perdue in his role as Chair of the Interagency Task Force on Agriculture and Rural Prosperity.

"As you know well, rural America faces unique challenges not faced by more urbanized areas. Foremost among these challenges is rural America’s deteriorating infrastructure. Those of us representing rural communities have seen our infrastructure deteriorate, jeopardizing jobs, our agricultural competitiveness and the health of rural families. Past infrastructure initiatives often prioritized urban and suburban infrastructure while not adequately addressing the unique needs of rural communities," the letter stated.

"Like this taskforce, the Rebuild Rural Coalition focuses solely on the needs of rural communities and has identified eight primary areas of need that, if acted upon, could greatly benefit the lives and prosperity of rural Americans," it continued.

The letter outlines eight primary areas in need of investment: agricultural research, transportation, broadband, water, energy, health care, housing and finance.

The #RebuildRural Coalition is comprised of more than 200 organizations representing U.S. agricultural producers, rural businesses, rural communities and rural families.


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