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Telling the Smart Rural Community Story…

My heart always skips an extra beat when a reporter calls…never quite sure what their motivation or angle might be but I’m always anxious to tell the story of NTCA members and the services they provide to their communities. But I had such a energetic discussion with writer Sue Halpern, writer for The New Yorker (including her phone cutting off in the middle of her discussion from her relatively rural home in Vermont with her Price Cap carrier provider struggling to even provide voice service…never mind broadband services) that I was delighted when she expressed an interest in hitting the road and seeing rural America and rural community-based broadband providers in action!

FIBER – Fast Interconnection Between Everything Rural

Giving credit where credit is due, my thanks to Bob Debroux with TDS for coining what might be one of my new favorite phrases as we enter what is hopefully a new era of placing a public policy priority on fiber and future-proofed networks as the government looks for different ways to close the digital (or rural/rural) divide.

Being Part of the Solution

Haven’t you noticed that these days it’s easier for some to whine about circumstances than it is to act? And I totally get it, sometimes finding a solution and being proactive is a little scary and kind of “puts you out there.” But doing just that is what a number of NTCA members have now done in seeking USDA ReConnect support over the past few months.