Benefits Report: NTCA Group Health Program: Walking the Walk to Support Rural Health Initiatives

Telehealth connects patients to health care providers through telephone, videoconferencing and other broadband services. With physician shortages and long distances between providers, telehealth has helped to ease this burden and provide access to immediate health care for many individuals living in rural areas.

The NTCA Group Health Program (GHP), under the leadership of member company representatives, has joined this rural health initiative by offering expanded telehealth benefits. Teladoc® services were added to GHP in January 2019 and provide medical plan participants and dependents 24/7/365 access to quality health care conveniently without leaving home. Almost 600 individuals have used Teladoc in the first six months of 2019. One of these individuals is HR Manager Angie Miller from SkyLine Membership Corporation (Boone, N.C.). Here are her thoughts on the importance of this health care service to telco employees.

"As a company located in rural Ashe County, North Carolina, having health care service options through online and phone visits to providers is good news to our employee and their families. So, we made sure to share information about this telehealth benefit during one of our employee meetings earlier this year.
"I’ve already heard from several SkyLine employees that have used Teladoc and, without exception, the feedback has been positive. From an HR manager’s perspective, another positive outcome is less time out of the office by our employees for doctor appointments. As a GHP participant, I also have personal experience with this great new benefit. Starting with a simple online registration that took less than 10 minutes, to a doctor’s appointment by phone that resulted in a diagnosis of a sinus infection, and then a  prescription that was ready to pick up from my local pharmacy in less than an hour after my phone appointment, I can attest to an extremely easy and fast process.  

Angie Miller at Relay for Life

"From both an employer and employee perspective, I am extremely pleased with the Teladoc benefits
through GHP.”

 Angie Miller, HR Manager
 SkyLine Membership Corp.







If your company provides NTCA GHP medical coverage, here are five quick tips about Teladoc services to share with your plan participants:

  1. Teladoc provides access to convenient, confidential and affordable healthcare services to participants and covered dependents.
  2. Participants can talk with a board-certified doctor about non-emergency health issues anywhere and anytime when care is needed. 
  3. Teladoc doctors can diagnose and treat cold and flu symptoms, allergies, upper respiratory infections, skin problems and more. Costs are generally much less than an emergency room or urgent care visit. 
  4. Teladoc doctors can send a prescription to the participant's local pharmacy, when medically necessary.
  5. Participants can connect with an experienced doctor by phone, web, or mobile app, and these connections are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year. Call (800) “TELADOC” or (800) 835-2362, or go to and speak with a consultation coordinator to locate the next available doctor and prepare for a consultation. 

NTCA is proud to 'walk the walk' along with our members to provide these critical rural health initiatives.

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