Perham, Minn.

Area served: 9,813 square miles

Population: 3,087

Technical highlights: Majority of network is cable modem with 100Mb download and 5Mb upload. Fiber builds in new developments enable 50-100Mb and higher symmetrical service. 

Public Safety

The Perham Fire Department serves 164 square miles and five townships. Relying on broadband and LTE, each volunteer firefighter’s smartphone includes a mobile app that allows the firefighter to view reported fires, use GPS to find the fire’s location, and confirm the availability of each team member. The app also identifies the location of nearby fire hydrants.



Melrose, Minn.

Areas served: 9,813 square miles

Population: nearly 4,100

Public Safety 

All police department vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi and GPS, providing officers immediate access to data and improving overall community safety. Arvig’s broadband network also assists local ambulance services with a traffic-signal-prioritization system to manipulate traffic signals for emergency vehicles in transit.