Smart Rural Community® Showcase Award Application

Welcome to the Smart Rural Community application. The answers to all questions must be submitted in the order in which they appear below.

For additional information on the scoring process, see the FAQs.

Nomination Form Guidelines:

  1. The application deadline is July 1. Applications can be submitted any time before the deadline. Applications received after the deadline will be considered for the next year. 

  2. Limit the narrative portions provided in response to this form to 2,000 words.

  3. Limit letters of commendation or recommendation to three (3).

  4. Supplemental information that illustrates or supports responses to the questions below including, but not limited to, multimedia presentations and academic or case studies relating to your service area and deployment may be submitted. Please note the following:

    (a) if such supplemental materials are submitted, please indicate to which question(s) that supplemental information pertains;

    (b) please limit multimedia presentations such as videos to five (5) minutes, cumulative;

    (c) academic and case studies may be considered in part or in full, depending on length and complexity. Submit all media files as WMV (Windows) or MP4 (Mac). If your media file exceeds 10MB, please contact us for assistance.

  5. All applications must be submitted electronically and in PDF format. Please send your submission to

    Applications whose length or attachments exceed the limits stated above may not be considered. Please note that the focus of review will be on the application itself, and that supplemental materials will considered as illustrative only, but will not be scored.

The maximum number points scored for each section is indicated at each question. Please respond to the questions in the order in which they are presented, and please number all responses to correspond to the questions to which they respond.

  1. Provide the population and size (square miles) of your service area.Photo

  2. Describe the type and capacity of broadband service provided (if broadband is provided over multiple platforms, describe the capacity for each platform), including any specific residential or business offerings. Describe any special or unique challenges your company addressed in providing these services (10 points).

  3. Describe major industries or anchor institutions in your area; these may include public utility, commercial, government, education, health-care and not-for-profit organizations. Describe any special or unique challenges confronting these users and how broadband has enabled users to meet those challenges. These may include economic, demographic, regulatory or other (15 points).

  4. (a) Explain whether broadband played a role in the recruitment, retention, or expansion of commercial, government or not-for-profit industries to the area (15 points)

    (b) Describe other positive local or regional economic or social impact generated by your firm’s broadband offerings, and how your efforts contemplate and plan for future growth and sustainability. Include both quantitative and qualitative information (30 points).

    (c) Describe the impact of your efforts on the internal culture of your company (10 points).

  5. Describe joint or collaborative undertakings with other community stakeholders, and your community leaders’ collaborative efforts to promote and stand behind broadband technology. Include a description of these leaders’ roles in industry or government (15 points).

  6. Provide additional information that would be useful in determining whether your community is a Smart Rural Community (5 points).