Benefit Plans

NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association (NTCA) provides members with a wide selection of benefit plans so you can structure a benefits package to best meet your workplace needs. The plans are governed by NTCA members through trust committees appointed by the NTCA Board of Directors. Expert advisers are retained by the committees to assist them in fulfilling their fiduciary duties.  View a list of the current trust committee members for the Group Health Program, the Retirement & Security Program/Savings Plan, the Alternative Funding Trusts and the Deferred Compensation Plans.

Services Management Corporation (SMC), a wholly owned subsidiary of NTCA, is the contract administrator for the benefits program. NTCA and SMC staff provide the day-to-day administration of the benefits program. Member relations personnel are located throughout the United States to provide on-site support and services to NTCA members and benefits program participants.

Group Health Program (GHP)

GHP provides affordable coverage options and significant flexibility to members. Our medical plan provides choice including advantage, PPO and high-deductible health plans. Members can also adopt vision, prescription drug, dental, life,  disability and accident coverages.

Retirement & Security Program (R&S Program)

A qualified defined benefit program, the R&S Program is designed to provide guaranteed benefits to participants at retirement. The program includes a generous pre-retirement death benefit and early retirement provision.

Savings Plan

The Savings Plan provides members with another retirement vehicle to help your workforce prepare for retirement. In partnership with Fidelity Investments, NTCA offers state-of-the-art processing, daily valuation and diversified investment fund options including a self-directed brokerage window.

Other Plans

Members can select other benefit plan options and provide a comprehensive benefits package from a name you can trust-NTCA. A Flexible Spending Section 125 plan, with automatic pass through of non-reimbursed health expenses from GHP, a non-qualified deferred compensation plan, and a College Savings Section 529 plan are available.

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