What our customers say…” 

Photo: William Bradford"United Communications recently made the decision to change our health coverage and enroll in the NTCA Group Health Program. The cost savings to our company allowed us to enhance our employee benefits package with lower annual expenses. We now offer a choice of medical plans, including a PPO plan and a high-deductible health plan paired with a Health Savings Account. United also contributes to the HSA for employees enrolled in the HDHP. More benefits to employees, lower costs to our company and outstanding service by NTCA is a 'win-win' for United and our employees."

William Bradford
President & CEO
United Communications
Chapel Hill, Tenn.


Photo: Shayne Ison"Our company has sponsored the NTCA R&S Program for almost four decades, and we consider the plan a significant component in our employee benefits package. Our NTCA benefits are a primary reason we attract and retain great employees.

"Some employers view defined benefit retirement plans as 'old school.' At Mountain Rural Telephone, we see the R&S Program as providing the foundation for an employee's future financial security. In fact, we are so committed to ensure our employees understand the value of our company-sponsored retirement plans, we provide additional education using NTCA's on-site educational seminars and the services of our member relations manager."

Shayne Ison
General Manager
Mountain Rural Telephone Coop. Corp.
West Liberty, Ky.


"With increasing costs in our self-funded health plan and the complex requirements imposed by the Affordable Care Act, Solarus realized it was time to evaluate other options for our medical plan coverage. The NTCA Group Health Program provided the solution for our company.

"Our company has realized significant cost-savings since enrolling in NTCA GHP, and we now offer more medical plan choices to our employees. In addition to the high-value impact to our bottom-line financial objectives, we enjoy exceptional service from NTCA staff. Before, during and since our move to GHP, we have seen 'above and beyond' service and support to our employees and company. Change is often not easy, but this change in our medical plans has been the right one!"

Robyn Paulsen
Human Resources Coordinator
Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.

"We recently enrolled in the NTCA Savings Plan and discontinued our single employer defined contribution retirement plan. Prior to making this decision, we conducted a detailed analysis of the costs, services and features of the plans. Our due diligence identified many reasons to make this change,Photo: Debra Luchts with short- and long-term positive impacts to our company and our employees. There are cost-savings for Minburn Telephone Co. and increased efficiencies by working with one service provider for our health and retirement plans. One of the most important benefits to our employees is the potential for increased long-term retirement savings resulting from the lower-cost investment funds in the NTCA Savings Plan. Additionally, our employees now have a choice between post-tax, pretax and Roth 401(k) contributions."

Debra Lucht
General Manager
Minburn Telephone Co.
Minburn, Iowa

Photo: Bernice Fischer

"Hill Country Telephone offers our employees a choice of five medical plans. We realize 'one size doesn't fit all' in benefit offerings, so providing employees access to different plans allows each person to select one that best fits their needs. It also provides cost-savings opportunities for both our employees and the company. We project annual savings of 16% in our medical plan costs by providing a choice of plans.

"The services, flexible options and affordable solutions provided by NTCA and the Group Health Program allow our company to continue to provide generous and competitive benefits to our employees."

Bernice Fischer
Manager of Human Resources and Administration
Hill Country Telephone Cooperative
Ingram, Texas