"What our customers say…"


Photo"As a spouse of a health care professional, a covered dependent in another health plan and a board member at our local hospital, I believe NTCA GHP coverage is one of the best health plans I've ever seen. The high quality of service and the personalized effort by NTCA staff to address questions and concerns is extraordinary."

R. Dale Merten, COO
Toledo Telephone Company, Inc.
Toledo, Washington


Photo "Running a complex benefits plan, listening to and acting on the needs of members, ensuring employees and their families have access to high-quality health coverage, and controlling plan costs is a big responsibility. NTCA and the GHP Trust Committee have done a great job to accomplish that for Logan Telephone and our employees"

Greg Hale
General Manager
Logan Telephone Cooperative Inc.
Auburn, Kentucky

Photo"Twin Lakes Telephone Coop. is pleased to call the NTCA Group Health Program 'our' health plan. As a member-run program, we often hear that the GHP Trust Committee wants the feedback of members to help ensure we have flexible and affordable benefit options. I've appreciated the opportunity to provide this feedback. It's especially beneficial to know that the trust committee members understand the needs of rural telecommunications employers since they are decision-makers at their companies too.

"Benefits are complex, and education to help individuals understand their options is especially important when you provide a choice of plans. Onsite educational sessions provided by our NTCA member relations manager, along with other resources available from NTCA, has been exceptionally valuable for Twin Lakes and our current and former employees."

Johnathan West
General Manager/CEO
Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corp.
Gainesboro, Tennessee


"Our company has provided NTCA GHP coverage for more than three decades. Through the years, our employees and their families have enjoyed high-quality and comprehensive health care benefits. Our newer employees are particularly astounded by the excellent coverage and quality services from GHP, and view our company as a premier employer providing exceptional workplace benefits." Photo

Russell Kacer
Ganado Telephone Company Inc.
   dba YK Communications
Ganado, Texas



Photo"Coleman County Telephone is located in the small town of Santa Anna in the heart of Texas. Recruiting employees, especially millennials, to our rural area is not easy. One of the primary ways we complete with the metropolitan areas is our benefit plans. Providing retirement benefits in addition to health coverage is a significant attraction for highly skilled technical talent. We provide both the NTCA Savings Plan and R&S Program to our employees, which makes our company even more attractive to potential new employees.

"Coleman County Telephone has provided NTCA retirement plan benefits to our employees for more than two decades. Our long-term and new employees appreciate the importance we place on retirement savings, and the significant financial commitment our company makes to help ensure their current and future financial security."

Tim Humpert, General Manager
Coleman County Telephone Coop. Inc.
Santa Anna, Texas