Last Day of Fall Conference Highlights Meaningful Connections


The Closing General Session wrapped up the last day of Fall Conference. The Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) kicked things off on Wednesday with FRS President Lee Logan of West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative (Abbeville, S.C.), who provided an update on FRS activities and encouraged all companies to support the foundation. FRS Executive Director Elizabeth Crocker joined Logan on the stage and shared details of the foundation’s recent Congressional Broadband Tour of four Montana rural telecom companies and broadband-enabled businesses and communities.

  American Telemedicine Association Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Linkous then advocated for increased use of advanced remote medical technologies, and discussed insights and opportunities for partnerships between the rural telecom and telemedicine industries.

The Closing General Session continued with NTCA Senior Vice President of Policy Michael Romano, who led a telecom policy panel discussion featuring Denny Law of Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative (Wall, S.D.), Michael J. Balhoff of Balhoff & Williams (Columbia, Md.) and David Lewis of ANPI (Springfield, Ill.)

The panel discussed industry insights on fundamental shifts in federal policies and what steps rural providers are taking to lead the IP evolution. The panel touched on scope and scale and strategically evaluating processes to increase proficiencies as they create innovative business plans for the future.

Law reiterated the ongoing frustration experienced by local customers and businesses as call completion issues continue.

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  The conference closed with renewed energy from author and speaker Mark Scharenbroich, who spoke to attendees about the power to create results through meaningful connections. He engaged the audience with his personal stories and reminded the attendees that the telecom industry helps people in their communities make those meaningful connections.
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