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Our experienced benefits professionals assist member representatives and plan participants with questions about the NTCA benefits program. 


Hours        Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET
Phone        (828) 281-9000          
                           Option 1  Group Health Program (GHP)    
                           Option 2  R&S Program    
                           Option 3  Savings Plan
                           Option 4  Benefits Enrollment
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Group Health Program (GHP)


Disability Claims

Participants in GHP long-term or short-term disability coverage are provided additional assistance with disability applications, understanding the claims process and getting information about disability payments.

Phone        (828) 255-4971
Fax              (828) 255-2861


Express Scripts  

Express Scripts provides pharmacy benefits management services and administers the GHP Employer Group Waiver prescription drug plan through Medicare Part D. Information about new prescriptions, refills, ID cards and formularies is provided to GHP participants by Express Scripts.   


Phone        GHP Rx Plan (800) 849-9410 
                      GHP Medicare Rx Plan (877) 703-7338 


GHP Wellness Connections  

This wellness plan is available to NTCA members that offer GHP medical coverage. Member employees and their spouses enrolled in a GHP medical plan can participate and manage their wellness activities using the wellness connections portal and participate in telephonic coaching to improve overall well-being.   


Phone         Wellness Coaching (800) 478-1057 



Medical and Dental Claims Inquiry  

GHP participants can check claims status and benefit limits, verify coverage and take charge of your health information.   


Phone        (828) 281-9000  Option 1     
Fax              (828) 255-9625



GHP offers health management services through OptumHealth, UnitedHealthcare’s clinical services division. Care counselors are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week to help GHP participants and dependents with health-related questions.

Phone        (855) 688-9773 


Optimum Health (Well-Being Services)  

This program is available through GHP’s service partner Sharecare and provides resources to prevent high-cost health developments such as hospital readmissions. GHP medical plan participants can use this confidential, voluntary service at no cost. 

Phone        (877) 393-0448


Provider Network Search  

GHP uses UnitedHealthcare national networks. These expansive networks include providers across America, and using in-network hospitals and physicians saves GHP and participants money because these providers agree to charge lower rates.  Finding in-network providers is a click or phone call away.  


Phone        (800) 860-5203



Health utilization management services are provided to GHP by UnitedHealthcare’s clinical services division OptumHealth. Health care providers initiate the precertification review for GHP medical plan participants.

Phone        (800) 708-8940


Vision Service Plan (VSP)  

Participants and dependents enrolled in GHP vision coverage can contact VSP to learn more about the name and location of authorized providers. 

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Phone        (800) 877-7195

Savings Plan

Savings Plan Account Inquiry  

Fidelity Investments, the recordkeeping partner for the NTCA Savings Plan, provides online resources and dedicated retirement specialists to assist participants with information on account balances, distributions, investment options and transactions.   


Hours        Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – midnight ET 
Phone        Account Assistance (888) 682-2352 
                      One-On-One Financial Guidance (800) 642-7131