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From improving the nation's infrastructure to securing stable funding and advancing rural development, NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association is working to build a better broadband future.

Every day small rural broadband providers work hard to deliver vital broadband services that spur innovations in business, education, agriculture, community and telehealth. Their steadfast commitment to serving the communities they call home makes them rural America’s trusted solution providers.

NTCA CEO Shirley Bloomfield discusses rural broadband infrastructure, USF and RUS.



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Visiting the Blue Grass State

But another key distinguisher that you’re in Kentucky is hanging with a group of RLECs for their spring meeting.  Folks in Kentucky are incredible engaged and politically active and have a really high energy state association executive, Tyler Campbell, who joined the association about three years ago and has worked hard to maintain the leadership position that Kentucky has held in the industry.

Sharing Broadband Thoughts with the House Committee on Natural Resources

It was a great opportunity to share that after the initial business case can be made for rural broadband, we come to the next significant challenge – the barriers to deployment itself. This is where the questions and legislation presented in the committee’s hearing become so important, helping to reduce responsibly and thoughtfully the costs and time associated with deployment and allowing providers to get back to the business of building broadband networks in rural America.

Congress Putting Their Actions Into Words

Today was a big day for those advocating for continued broadband deployment across rural America as 193 members of Congress (194 if you include Sen. Joni Ernst’s letter) reached out to the FCC to address the long-term budget sufficiency of the Universal Service Fund (USF) High-Cost program. This is a critical and necessary step in continuing to close the digital divide (and the urban-rural divide) that is often cited by Chairman Pai as one of his top priorities.