Information for NTCA Members About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As news about the public health concerns posed by the Coronavirus continues to evolve, NTCA has made changes to several upcoming events.

We are sharing updates with members about efforts to respond to the potential threat.


Cyber Hygiene Needs to Stay Top of Mind!

I know that there a million (literally) pressing and urgent things on the table for everyone this week. Truly. But even as we have a national emergency underway, I have been stunned at the number of phishing attempts that are still coming through our network – while we are seeing so many folks step up for good, the “bad” guys find times of vulnerability an opportunity. Guess it’s always been that way but it feels particularly crummy as we worry so much about those we love during this pandemic.

NTCA thought long and hard about whether or not it was the right time to roll out our new CyberShare program but these attempted hacks and threats to network security only exacerbated for us the need to give our members another tool in the toolbox to battle those looking to do harm online.

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