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Below is a list of all current job postings.

Date Posted Job Title Company
09-21-2018 Aerial Fiber Construction Lineman Syringa Networks, Boise, ID
09-21-2018 Outside Plant Route Technician Syringa Networks, Salt Lake City, UT
09-19-2018 President Clear Creek Communications, Oregon City/Redland, OR
09-19-2018 Sales Account Manager Intelligent Fiber Network, Indianapolis, IN
09-19-2018 Journeyman Combination Technician Ketchikan Public Utilities, Ketchikan, Alaska
09-19-2018 Sales Representative Native Technology Solutions , Chandler, AZ
09-19-2018 Customer Experience Manager DTC Communications, Alexandria, TN
09-18-2018 Supervisor - Human Resources HCTC, Ingram TX
09-17-2018 IT Network Specialist McDonough Telephone Cooperative, Colchester IL
09-17-2018 Meeting Manager NTCA-Rural Broadband Association, Arlington, VA
09-17-2018 Network Technician Twin Valley Telephone, Miltonvale, Kansas
09-13-2018 Construction Technician Plateau, Clovis, NM
09-13-2018 Enterprise Solutions Technician United Telephone Association, Inc., Dodge City, KS
09-13-2018 Managed IT Technician United Telephone Association, Inc., Dodge City, KS
09-12-2018 Rotating Combination Technician Adak Eagle Enterprise, Anchorage, AK & Adak, AK
09-12-2018 Senior Regulatory Consultant JSI, Austin, Texas
09-12-2018 Installation and Repair Technician Pioneer Communications, Ulysses, Kansas
09-11-2018 Controller Range Telephone Cooperative, Inc., Forsyth, MT
09-10-2018 Mainline Construction Technician Plateau, New Mexico
09-10-2018 Senior Network Administrator Endeavor Communications, Cloverdale, IN
09-10-2018 Business Intelligence Analyst Endeavor Communications, CLOVERDALE
09-10-2018 Customer Service Representative Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative, Gainesboro TN; Jamestown TN; Celina TN
09-07-2018 Accounting Manager SOUTHERN MONTANA TELEPHONE COMPANY, Wisdom, MT
09-07-2018 Financial Analyst Adams Telephone Co-Operative, Golden, IL
09-06-2018 Technical Support Specialist DirectLink, Canby, OR
09-05-2018 DRN/ReadiTech Managed Security Analyst DRN/Readitech, Ellendale, ND
09-04-2018 MDU Manager EATELCORP INC, Gonzales, LA
08-31-2018 Network Administrator Colorado Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. , La Grange, Texas
08-30-2018 Member Services Assistant NTCA-Rural Broadband Association, Arlington, VA
08-29-2018 Sales Executive Arctic Slope Telephone Assn. Co-op., Anchorage, Alaska
08-29-2018 IPTV Systems Engineer III EATELCORP INC, Gonzales, LA
08-29-2018 Technology Service Associate BBT, Alpine, Texas
08-29-2018 Plant Operations Representative BBT, Alpine, Texas
08-29-2018 Senior Accountant NineStar Connect, Greenfield, IN
08-28-2018 Telecommunications Accountant Harmony Telephone Company, Harmony, MN
08-28-2018 Vice President of Sales Great Plains Communications, Blair, Nebraska
08-24-2018 Network Operations Administrator Bristol Bay Telephone Cooperative, King Salmon, AK
08-23-2018 General Manager Farmers Telephone Company, Pleasant View, CO
08-23-2018 Network Operations & Engineering Manager KPU Telecommunications, Ketchikan, Alaska
08-23-2018 Installation & Repair Technician Peoples Communication, Royse City, TX