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Supporting Policy Initiatives for Rural Independent Telecommunications

Image: SPIRIT logo

An NTCA Grassroots Campaign for the Heart and Soul of America


SPIRIT... Did You Know?

Did you know . . .?

* Every day political decisions are made that directly determine your ability to run your business effectively?
* It takes 60 votes in the Senate and 218 in the House to ensure a bill is advanced to the president for enactment (and if it is vetoed, it takes 67 and 290 votes respectively to override it).
* Each month tens of millions of communications are received by our 535 Members of Congress?
* The only realistic way for your communication to stand out is if you can count yourself among those that have previously helped policymakers?
* Only about 13 percent of Americans have ever made a contribution of time or money to a policymaker?
* All things being equal, politicians will go with the flow, and that it is your job to create that flow?

*Joel Blackwell - The Grassroots Guy


SPIRIT History

The NTCA SPIRIT campaign is a grassroots initiative designed to maximize the association's advocacy success.  This highly successful campaign focuses on developing a team relationship between NTCA members, NTCA advocacy staff, and federal policymakers who share the joint mission of deploying and maintaining advanced communications infrastructure throughout our country.


SPIRIT Key Contact Job Description

Designed to ensure that NTCA retains its historic grassroots strength in today’s increasingly competitive policy-making arena, the ultimate success of this campaign lies with the effective use of four fundamental tools: public relations, financial support, NTCA professional staff, and most importantly you – the association’s Key Contact members.