SRC Showcase Award

SRC Showcase Awards are annual awards presented to NTCA members to recognize their extraordinary achievements in promoting rural broadband networks and their broadband-enabled applications in their rural communities. Telcos are awarded based on their ability to demonstrate the use of these technologies through innovative economic development, education, health care, government services, safety and security, and more efficient energy distribution and use.


How are winners selected?

Applicants must be a current NTCA telco member to eligible. Applications are reviewed by the SRC Advisory Council. Chairs of the NTCA Associate Member Advisory Council and the Innovation and Business Opportunity Committee solicit their respective members to participate in the review and scoring process. Although the review process is overseen by NTCA staff, NTCA staff does not score applications.

The process is configured to ensure that each application is evaluated by at least two panels of reviewers. Reviewers are divided into two or more teams. Representatives of non-telecom industries are distributed among the teams to ensure that each review panel features non-telecom experts. Each application is typically reviewed by ten or more different individuals. NTCA provider members that have submitted or otherwise participated in the preparation of an application are disqualified from reviewing any applications; Associate Members of NTCA that have participated in the preparation of an application are disqualified from reviewing the application in whose preparation they assisted, but may score other applications.

Important Dates
Application Deadline: July  1
Winners Announced: NTCA Fall Conference

2016 Showcase Award Winners

Melrose, Minn.

Ben Lomand Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
McMinnville, Tenn.

Citizens Connected
New Auburn, Wis

ComSouth Telecommunications
Hawkinsville, Ga.

Garden Valley Telephone Co.
Erskine, Minn.

Home Telephone Co., Inc.
Moncks Corner, S.C.

Liberty Communications
West Liberty, Iowa

Mosaic Telecom
Cameron, Wis.

Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Metter, Ga.

SkyLine Membership Corp.
West Jefferson, N.C.

Unity, Maine

West Wisconsin Telcom Cooperative, Inc.
Downsville, Wis.


Past Showcase Winners

2015 Award Winners

2014 Award Winners

2013 Award Winners


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