Fox vs. Dish Network

The reported re-negotiation breakdown is now firmly headed for a resolution unknown.

Fox has demanded that Dish Network remove FX, National Geographic Channel and 19 Regional Sports channels from the line-up. Dish Network is displaying information banners on the channel guide where the channel information for those channels used to be.

Dish is claiming that Fox is asking for exorbitant fees for the sports networks.

The NBA and NHL, both of whom have teams that license games to Fox Regional channels, are siding with Fox. Fox, the NBA and NHL are directing subscribers to competitors. Competitors are doing their level best to draw subscribers to them. Fox is apparently making the Fox-owned stations part of the issue as re-negotiating retransmission consent is also running short on time.

In a press release, Dish Network claims that Fox is demanding a 50% increase over current fees for the Regional Sports channels. Dish indicates that in these trying times, that kind of money is too much to ask their subscribers to pay. This is bound to get very ugly, very soon, or maybe not. Dish Network had a dispute earlier this year with Disney and dropped four HD channels. They aren’t back in the line-up yet.

There are editorials around the country indicating a desire for a la carte over the current bundling requirements placed on distributors like Dish Network. Perhaps a la carte is an option. Perhaps the cost has begun to outweigh the value.

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2 Responses to “Fox vs. Dish Network”
  1. Nancy Newman says:

    I’ve seen the ads hawking Direct TV, since Fox is no longer on Dish. Maybe Fox owns Direct TV and this is their way of getting more customers?! So the decision is pay fox or buy food, pay fox or the rent, we have to have fox so what if the kids are hungry. Come on Fox be reasonable.

    • Steve Fravel says:

      I thought I should clarify. Fox and parent company News Corp., no longer have a financial interst in DirecTV. DirecTV is now owned by Liberty Media.

      However, I think that your point is well taken, in that both Fox and in turn DirecTV will capitalize on the current state of the negotiation with Dish Network.