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May 26 2015

Comparing Notes With Policy Folks in D.C.

One of the traditions that Jo Ann Emerson, CEO of NRECA, and I have established has been regular lunch meetings with the current RUS administrator to compare notes and strategize on ways to highlight the importance of rural America and rural infrastructure. That tradition continued today with Brandon McBride, the newest RUS administrator and the …

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May 25 2015

Memorial Day

I really relished this weekend with nothing pressing on the agenda other than Leah’s departure back to Ann Arbor to study for the bar exam and Kelsey’s drop in visit en route to Charlottesville for the first wedding of her college friends. So Don and I went to see the movie “The Woman in Gold” …

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May 21 2015

An Important Message to Share

I do use this blog as a way to communicate with our NTCA membership in my own words. That is usually pretty obvious given my informal nature and certainly my lousy and creative punctuation. However, today a member update was released by our Senior Vice President of Policy Michael Romano that I felt must be shared—again—because …

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May 20 2015

On Wisconsin!


I took a detour from the Retirement and Savings Trustee meeting in NYC to head out to join amazing state telecom association exec Bill Esbeck and his members for the annual Wisconsin State Telecom Association (WSTA) meeting in beautiful Lake Geneva (home to an upcoming regional meeting in 2016!). The trip got off to a …

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