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May 01 2016

Video Issues Are Also at the Top of “To Do” List for NTCA

It feels like we’ve been so 24/7 on USF issues (which we have…) but we’ve also been 24/7 the past several months on pressing video issues that are high on the policy priority list for NTCA members. On the merger front (which has been busy in Washington over the course of the past few years, …

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Apr 29 2016

Workacation Take 2


Don and I have been running a million different directions lately so we took advantage of a week with no travel for either of us on the books and headed out to work at the beach for a few days. Same as last year, the car was filled with laptops, iPads, chargers and folders and …

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Apr 28 2016

NTCA Continues Work With Congressional Rural Broadband Caucus


                Yesterday was the second gathering convened of the new congressional Rural Broadband Caucus, and NTCA was excited to be at the table with this key group, as we have been since inception of this leadership of 34 members of the House of Representatives. The caucus, led by …

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Apr 27 2016

Viral Internet Sharing of How Technology Has Changed Our Rural Communities

I will admit that I first set up a Facebook account so that I could “stalk” my daughters during their college years. Mind you, not in a totally creepy way, but in a “are you really as sad as you sounded on the phone?” kind of way. It’s one thing to tell your mom that you have …

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