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Jun 27 2017

Former Chairman Wheeler Resurfaces

I spent much of Monday afternoon at the headquarters for NRECA, the rural electric cooperative’s trade association, breaking bread over lunch with their board of directors and then having the opportunity to address their board on what NTCA member broadband providers are up to and why there is some possible synergy to partnerships between NTCA …

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Jun 25 2017

My First CSRIC Adventure

When FCC Chairman Ajit Pai began his efforts to establish various task forces to work through critical issues, I will not lie, I was really hoping to be placed on one of his Broadband Deployment Advisory Council working groups.  I’m very passionate about rural broadband deployment and really knew I could hit the ground running …

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Jun 22 2017

The Face Behind the Voice

NTCA’s very own SVP of Industry Affairs and Business Development Michael Romano testified today before the House Committee on Small Business Subcommittee on Agriculture, Energy and Trade at their hearing on “Improving Broadband Deployment: Solutions for Rural America”.  It was certainly a week for these discussions and Mike was the perfect “clean up batter” and …

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Jun 22 2017

Trump Talks Rural Broadband and NTCA Numbers Show a Slowdown

President Donald Trump traveled to Iowa yesterday and said that expanded access to broadband internet service in rural areas will be part of the infrastructure plan he will submit to Congress, helping to bridge a digital divide that leaves small towns behind. “I will be including a provision in our infrastructure proposal — $1 trillion …

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Jun 21 2017

Virtual Living Rooms to Become a Reality

I could not have been more excited when I got the call from Keith Gabbard, CEO of PRTC in McKee, Kentucky sharing with us that after over a year of noodling, talking, collaborating and planning, he had the VA officials from Lexington show up in his town yesterday to ink the agreement to work together …

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Jun 20 2017

Underfunded USF Support Will Stop Rural Broadband Investment

What is now becoming clearly the draconian impacts of the USF’s budget mechanism control on the high cost fund will have numerous opportunities to be shared this week as I had the chance to tell the story of rural broadband providers and the challenges they face trying to continue to build broadband in rural markets …

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