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Jan 31 2015

Spectrum at a Premium

Touché for the FCC’s AWS spectrum auction that just concluded. The nearly $45 billion raised went far beyond expectations and showed the ever increasing value of spectrum for all service providers – including big winner Dish ( who doesn’t even have a wireless play yet). The revenues are good for the federal treasury, potentially good …

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Jan 29 2015

What Will the New Broadband Speeds Decreed by the FCC Mean?

A number of items were on the agenda at today’s FCC open meeting, but the one that really caught the attention of the rural telecom industry was the chairman’s initiative and FCC vote on setting a new yardstick for broadband—25 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps up. I’m all about increasing speeds for all Americans, but I …

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Jan 27 2015

The Unique Nature of Alaska Telecom


I have spent the past two days with the Alaska Telephone Association and continue to be impressed with the work and dedication of these folks. While providing advanced services in any part of rural America is a challenge, the obstacles seem to be like many things in Alaska—bigger and more unique for each carrier. The program …

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Jan 23 2015

ILECs Go Above and Beyond

Some of our team had meetings last week on Capitol Hill with a staffer who was searching for ideas on how to deal with a price-cap provider in their congressional district who flat out said, “There is no business case. We’re not deploying broadband.” While that response from a large carrier to a congressional staffer …

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