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Aug 17 2017

Smart Rural Community Field Trip to Maine With Senator and Commissioner

You can tell that you’re in Maine when most of the traffic on the highway alongside you are caravans of logging trucks!  After a journey across the country on Tuesday night, I knew that my last stop was Portland, Maine because I was the only person boarding the place in the Detroit Metro airport who …

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Aug 15 2017

Got to Love Sioux Falls!

    I am traveling back from the Regional Conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota this week.  The location is ideal given the key leadership role that Senator Thune, local boy gone to Washington, has played in communications policy and his continued active engagement in meeting the challenge of rural broadband deployment.  One of the …

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Aug 12 2017

My Smartphone Is Simply My Mobile Option

The FCC just launched its annual inquiry into whether broadband  – or “advanced telecommunications capability”  – is being deployed to all Americans in a “reasonable and timely fashion”.   The 2017 version of this inquiry has a few twists to it.  Instead of focusing on fixed broadband as they have in the past, this time …

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Aug 11 2017

While The Collective Is More Powerful Than The Individual…

…….the individuals themselves are pretty interesting! Instead of taking the full hour of our monthly all staff meeting to review highlights from each division, we used the opportunity at our most recent meeting to ask each of our team members in our Arlington office to share an interesting fact about themselves.  In an effort to “sweeten the pot” for the …

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Aug 11 2017

FirstNet Update and Call for Action

The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) announced March 30, 2017, that it had reached an agreement with AT&T to build, operate, and maintain the nationwide public safety broadband network (NPSBN). That announcement was huge and finally unleashed the opportunity for carriers to act to ensure that their assets and interests were at the table.  AT&T is …

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Aug 09 2017

Week Two of Rural Broadband Month

I love it when a month is “designated” by a federal agency and it just happens to describe the mission of NTCA.  The stars are aligned? Since August is the FCC’s Rural Broadband month, we’ve taken to having our own, month long celebration here at NTCA.  Now that we are in week two (thankfully, August …

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