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Apr 18 2014

Sharing the Rural Telco Story


What a treat it was yesterday to have two very engaged NTCA member leaders join our team in Arlington (after joining our team in Asheville the day before) to share a little bit about themselves, their companies and their communities. Toney Prather, president of Totelcom Communications LLC  in Texas, and Jeff Wilson, CEO/general manager of West Carolina Rural …

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Apr 16 2014

FCC Moves to Ensure All Consumers Benefit From Spectrum Auction

The Wheeler FCC has been very thoughtful and engaged on finding ways to ensure that the upcoming 600 MHz auction benefits as many consumers as possible, and the agency pulled together carriers of all sizes to work through possible options to ensure maximized participation. It has been a refreshing shift from the usual “world domination” that the …

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Apr 15 2014

Love/Hate Technology…..

I’m on the road today heading down to our Asheville Service Center to meet with our team and to participate in the orientation for our newest GHP trustee, Jeff Wilson from West Carolina. For some reason, traveling today made me ponder the blessing and the curse of technology. (Maybe because I am waiting for the …

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Apr 14 2014

Smart Agriculture

Today, the folks at Blue Valley Tele-Communications in Home, Kan., hosted a terrific Agriculture Broadband Summit with K State, along with NTCA’s Smart Rural Community participating and assisting in the event. The Smart Rural Community is a community that invokes broadband-enabled intelligent networks to support innovative applications for education, health care, public safety, agriculture and economic …

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