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May 25 2017

Is This Heaven?

Nope…it’s Iowa. However, this is what I saw as I drove the county highways last night between Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Sioux Center, Iowa: Yes, that is correct….black, dark, the white lines on the edge of the highway and few critters that thankfully stayed off the road. Google maps and I had a chat …

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May 24 2017

Midwestern Nice

My daughter Kelsey finished her first year of graduate school finals – nuclear weapon strategy and a lot of Milk Duds and Tootsie pops (and coffee) fueling her end to this busy spring semester. Given her break of a few days before she heads off to intern at an entity that coordinates complex military operations …

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May 19 2017

Rural Broadband Women Hit DC!

What a great group and a terrific advocacy adventure! Fifteen very cool, very accomplished women in the rural broadband industry traveled to Washington DC yesterday to interact with and support female policymakers. From Colorado to South Dakota, from Wisconsin to Kentucky – some of our fabulous RLEC leadership traveled in to help me host a …

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May 18 2017

Rules of the Road Matter – NTCA’s Stance on the Net Neutrality Proceedings

Sometimes in all of the complex legal back-and-forth and incredibly heated rhetoric about Title I or Title II, the practical issues that created the net neutrality debates in the first place get lost in the shuffle. But, throughout these debates, NTCA has focused specifically on the practical – regardless of the basis for any regulation, …

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May 17 2017

Senator Cortez Masto Connects With NTCA on Infrastructure

How fitting that Leif Oveson and I were called up to meet with Senator Cortez Masto, Senate Commerce Committee member from Nevada, right in the middle of Infrastructure Week. While we had the opportunity to discuss with the Senator why broadband is such a vital component for any infrastructure proposal, we were also able to …

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May 15 2017

NTCA Shares Resources Available as Ransomware Attack WannaCry Spreads

As has been widely reported in the media, a new strain of ransomware known as WannaCry, WCry, or Wanna Decryptor is rapidly spreading across the world. Ransomware is a type of malicious software, or malware, a computer virus which encrypts most or even all of the files on a user’s computer. The malware then demands …

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