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Feb 24 2017

NTCA – All About Broadband And All About Infrastructure…All Of The Time!

As soon as infrastructure came out of the mouths of candidates Trump and Clinton during the 2016 Presidential campaign, NTCA was on it. Broadband and infrastructure go together like chocolate and caramel or like ice cream and hot fudge or….never mind, clearly I have the mid-afternoon munchies going on in my head! In all seriousness, …

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Feb 23 2017

FCC in Full Action Mode Today

Kudos to Chairman Pai, Commissioner O’Rielly and Commission Clyburn over at the FCC for all that they were able to accomplish in their open meeting today. I am in Minnesota for the MTA Broadband Summit and my email was literally blowing up with reports and updates as the morning wore on – and most of …

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Feb 22 2017

NTCA’s R&S and Savings Plan Continues Top National Ranking

Today was my third trip to/through the Phoenix airport in the past 5 weeks, but the first time I actually left the property…whew! I’m on my way to our quarterly meeting with the R&S and Savings Plan Trust Committee meeting to review some proposed spec changes that will continue to give our participants the flexibility …

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Feb 20 2017

President’s Day Celebrated

Today’s holiday began as a nod to our first President, George Washington and was recognized on the third Monday of February. President Lincoln did not have a special designation for his birthday but the holidays merged into President’s Day and now we celebrate our founding leaders and our heritage. The day gives us all the …

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