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Oct 18 2016

Talking About Building Broadband Communities


It’s been kind of a whirlwind travel week, and I’m glad that I (so far) haven’t appeared to leave too many items or luggage around the country as I have hit Phoenix, Chicago (briefly) and am now in Minneapolis waiting to return to D.C. Today was the Broadband Community and FTTH event in Minneapolis where …

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Oct 18 2016

Connections Celebrates 10 Years!


I started this week out in Arizona with the great folks at Consortia Consulting and their celebration of their 10th Annual Connections Conference, the only rural communications event that I know of devoted strictly to women in the rural telecommunications industry. This is the fourth time I have joined them to speak at their conference …

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Oct 14 2016

Mother Nature Hardships Continue


Last weekend, we had some torrential rain in the D.C. area, courtesy of Hurricane Matthew, and then went about our business. Not so for NTCA members along the Eastern coast of this country. While everyone has moved on, the good folks at Star Communications in Clinton, N.C. are slogging their way through a disaster left …

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Oct 13 2016

Even the FCC Acknowledges Soaring Video Costs

Yesterday the FCC released its “Report on Cable Industry Prices,” which is a survey conducted by the FCC based on information provided by cable TV providers and telecom companies that provide video services to their consumers. Interestingly, this survey does not include inputs from satellite TV providers or AT&T U-verse. The results of this survey, while not …

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