Advance the Rural Broadband Industry

Save the date for the next NTCA 2019 Legislative & Policy Conference, April 14-16, 2019,  Washington, DC.

The ever-changing political climate makes it critical that Congress understand the needs of rural broadband providers and consumers. The annual Legislative & Policy Conference is an opportunity for NTCA members to gather in our nation's Capital to advocate for the rural broadband industry. Your visit to the Hill is a highly effective way to get your voice heard and to help shape the future of the community you serve.


NTCA Rural Broadband PAC/RTAF Fundraising Event

Through out the year, the NTCA Rural Broadband PAC hold special events during NTCA conferences and seminars. This event is open to all conference attendees and benefits NTCA Rural Broadband PAC administrative fund, the Rural Telecommunications Administrative Fund (RTAF), and NTCA advocacy efforts.

For questions or information on sponsorship opportunities for this special event, please contact us at (703) 351-2033.

Things To Do in Washington, DC

Take in the rich history and significance of Washington, DC. Walk the halls of the Smithsonian museums, discover monuments and memorials, paddle on the Potomac River or sit back on a double-decker tour bus. However you spend your time here, make it count.

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Past Program

Each year, we're looking for ways to innovate our programming to fit today's growing trends and put what's important to you at the forefront. Check out our past year's program and save the date for a captivating program in the upcoming year.




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Interested in sponsoring or advertising at the Legislative & Policy Conference? 
Contact Michele Coleman, (703) 351-2089


Future Events

Legislative + Policy Conference

April 19-21, 2020  —  Hyatt Regency Washington  |  Washington, DC
April 11-13, 2021 —  Hyatt Regency Washington  |  Washington, DC