NTCA 2018 Rural Telecom Industry Meeting & Expo (RTIME)


February 25-28, 2018
Austin Convention Center  |  Austin, TX


Join the rural telecommunications industry in Austin, Texas.

Competition for customers is ever increasing, and businesses thirst to find economical solutions to meet customer demand. Maximizing the customer experience is the number one strategy to boost business growth and generate new revenue. According to Forrester Research, 72% of businesses cite improving customer experiences as their top priority.

The NTCA 2018 Rural Telecom Industry Meeting & Expo (RTIME), February 25–28 in Austin, TX, a city known as the Live Music Capital of the World® with a strong spirit of innovation, provides attendees with the expertise and shared knowledge to elevate their customer experience within all facets of telecommunications services.

RTIME, rural America's largest annual telecommunications industry event, delivers education on federal policy, technology, health care, agriculture, community growth and advocacy.

At RTIME 2018, you'll gain insight on such critical topics as:

  • Small business and enterprise sales strategies;
  • Revenue replacement tools and ways to further monetize your broadband network;
  • The current state of play in Congress, the FCC and The White House;
  • Cybersecurity best practices and how to protect your network.

Who should attend:

  • Telco executives (Owner, GM, CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, CTO)
  • Telco board directors and officers
  • Marketing managers and directors
  • Regulatory professionals
  • Sales teams and staff