WEBINAR: Digital Network Construction

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Digital Network Construction: How Technology Is Solving the Complexities of Rural Network Deployment 

May 23
2:00 p.m. ET




Traditional network design and construction management methods are struggling to keep pace with today’s large-scale network deployments. Despite the millions of tasks required, networks are being delivered with traditional methods that rely heavily on manual processes, labor-intensive handoffs and little to no automation.

In this interactive webinar, Dan Flemming, co-founder, and Sam Pratt, chief executive officer, Render Networks, explore key principles of a digital network construction approach for rural network owners and builders, including;
•    How today’s technology and digital workflows can vastly reduce construction durations and costs
•    Importance of a task-based approach to drive world-class outcomes and project efficiencies
•    Recent rural examples where efficiencies of more than 50% vs. traditional approaches have been realized 


Dan Fleming
Co-founder, Render Networks
Dan Fleming has deep leadership and operational experience spanning construction and telecommunications giving him a unique perspective on deployment management. At Render, Fleming brings to life his vision of combining today’s technologies with the power of automation to truly innovate the way large-scale networks are deployed and pivot the industry towards a digital future of network construction.

Sam Pratt
Chief Executive Officer, Render Networks
Sam Pratt is a commercial strategy and digital product leader passionate about innovation and leading teams to harness the power of technologies with global impact. He is focused on scaling Render’s software platform for the benefit of global network design and construction industries. 


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