Attacks are real—not just threats.

Hackers and cyber criminals never stop seeking their next victim—whether it's your company's network or your customers' confidential information. Cyberattacks are a real threat, and any company is vulnerable. Failure to protect your network puts your company at risk, which could lead to bigger costs and legal expenses in the event of a breach.

But how do you manage cyberthreats
with available resources?

The NTCA 2016 Cybersecurity Summit brings together federal and industry cybersecurity experts to help you assess your risks and plan your cybersecurity strategy.

  • Meet with cybersecurity experts to help you understand the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework and what it means to your business.
  • Learn about the tools and methods needed to assess your risks and secure your network.
  • Be aware of emerging cybersecurity and customer privacy requirements.
  • Mitigate your company's exposure to liability.

Don't be the next victim of a cyber-attack. Find out how to protect your network and your business today to avoid becoming a cybersecurity headline tomorrow.



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