Advocacy Issue

Broadband & Technology

As consumer preferences have evolved from basic telephony to cutting-edge data services, NTCA members have led the charge in the communications industry to get ahead of these changes despite operating in some of the most difficult-to-serve terrain in the United States. 

Why It Matters

Technological changes present challenges for policymakers, regulators and providers alike. Statutes and rules written in different eras can contain timeless principles such as universal service and consumer protection that apply with equal, if not greater, force in today’s and tomorrow’s communications marketplace. But some of these laws and regulations may also reflect time-locked concepts that call into question their applicability to today’s services and networks. 

NTCA has long been an advocate for taking a fresh, critical look at the prospect of updating legal frameworks while also ensuring a sensible, thoughtful, and carefully managed transition from one regulatory framework to another.   

Featured Story

Survey Shows Small Broadband Providers Driving Higher Internet Speeds, Adoption in Rural America Even as Significant Challenges Remain

December 20, 2018 – Even in the face of persistent challenges, the nation’s independent broadband providers continue to lead the charge in driving deployment of higher internet speeds and greater adoption of broadband services in rural communities, according to the “NTCA 2018 Broadband/Internet Availability Survey Report,” which found that NTCA members continue to take substantial steps to replace aging copper networks with fiber connectivity where possible.