Advocacy Issue

Universal Service & Infrastructure

Perhaps no policy concern is more important to the deployment and sustainability of advanced communications networks in rural America than universal service. In rural areas where distance, density, and topography combine to create unique challenges, an essential mix of community commitment, entrepreneurial spirit, access to capital, and ongoing support through federal universal service programs provides the only proven track record for success in advancing broadband. 

Why It Matters

Promoting a predictable and sufficient federal Universal Service Fund (USF) is a top policy priority for NTCA and our members. Without USF support, it is difficult to make the business case to invest in many rural areas. A provider can neither obtain loans nor justify the use of its own capital for network construction if USF support is unavailable, insufficient or unreliable in assisting with the recovery of costs so that consumer rates can remain affordable. 

Another important aspect of universal service policy is ensuring that the networks built in rural America can stand the test of time as elements of critical national infrastructure. As network assets are built to last decades, NTCA advocates for policies that promote sustainable “future-proof” networks that can meet consumer needs both today and for many years to come. 

Featured Press Release

NTCA Commends 39 Senators for Signing Letter to FCC

Nov. 1, 2017 – NTCA today thanked members of the Senate for sending a letter to the FCC requesting the agency address the high-cost Universal Service Fund (USF) program budget shortfalls to promote sustainable broadband deployment in our country’s hardest-to-serve rural areas.