Introducing NTCA Cyber Wise

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Wednesday, April 25
Co-located with
IP Vision Conference & Expo

Sunday, October 21
Co-located with
Cybersecurity Summit

Cybersecurity Answers for Your Team

Learn how to develop a comprehensive, company-wide plan to manage your cyber risks and ensure your network is resistant to and resilient from cyber attacks.  Designed for you – by NTCA – Cyber Wise is specifically for small, rural network service providers. It’s free from NTCA.

The Cyber Wise Program:

  • Addresses all of your cybersecurity needs
  • Delivered through education workshops, webcasts and online resources designed to fit into your busy schedule.
  • Earn recognition as a Cyber Risk Manager.
  • Available for all NTCA members and non-members, too.

Earn Recognition as a Cyber Risk Manager


NTCA’s free education program can help you successfully manage your cyber risks:

Participants will be recognized as cyber risk management experts, gaining you internal respect as well as helping advance your company and career. Learn best practices for how to communicate with senior management and gain buy-in on security practices, procedures and expenses, or, if you are a senior manager, to create a culture of awareness and responsiveness at your company.

  • Identify and prioritize cyber actions
  • Know how to prepare and budget for your security needs
  • Learn about network protection and detection best practices
  • Develop strategies to protect employee and customer data
  • Use internal and external communication tools
  • Understand how to respond and recover from incidents
  • Cultivate a culture of awareness throughout your organization
  • Be seen as an industry leader


Cyber Wise Workshops

Much of the Cyber Wise Program is in three half-day educational workshops in conjunction with 2018 NTCA events around the United States. The afternoon workshops are free for all participants. All that’s required on your part is time and travel. Cyber Wise welcomes all NTCA members and non-members.

When you attend an in-person workshop, you gain access to the updated NTCA Cybersecurity Bundle.




Cyber Wise Webinars

Educational webinars will augment your understanding of cyber risk assessment and mitigation techniques, threat response and recovery strategies, and how to create and sustain a culture of security awareness within your organization. Participation in at least one webinar is required to gain recognition as a Cyber Risk Manager. To learn more or register for one of the following webinars, click on the thumbnail below.



Cybersecurity Publications

NTCA offers two cybersecurity publications to keep your telco informed and prepared for any impending cyber threats:  The Cybersecurity Bundle, a comprehensive guide designed to help telcos develop a risk-management approach to cybersecurity, and the Cyber Source, a new bi-annual publication offering up-to-date information from subject matter experts.


Contact Us

For more information about the NTCA Cyber Wise program, contact:
Jesse Ward
NTCA Director of Industry & Policy Analysis
(703) 351-2007