NTCA Members Are Cyber Wise

As part of an ongoing effort to educate its members about contemporary cyber threats and risk-management activities, NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association is partnering with the Department of Homeland Security and the National Institute for Hometown Security (NIHS) to supply small, rural telecom operators with critical cybersecurity information through a cyber information-sharing pilot program.

Timely and actionable cybersecurity intelligence is a critical input into a company’s cyber risk-management plan. Participation in this new program will allow small network operators to share and receive timely, actionable and relevant cyber-threat information in a trusted environment. The forum will enable small operators to collaborate with their peers to analyze, understand and mitigate cyber attacks.

The Small Network Operator Cyber-Threat Information Sharing Pilot will:

  • Facilitate the bi-directional sharing of technical information between participants, including cyber-threats and, if available, related mitigation tactics
  • Create a daily cyber intelligence report, curated to meet the needs of community-based telecommunications operators
  • Study the feasibility and value of an info sharing forum built to meet the needs of small communications operators, and issue a final report with findings from the pilot project.
  • Seek volunteers, small network operators, to participate in the beta test

Funding and support for the feasibility study and beta test is provided by the U. S. Department of Homeland Security, National Protection and Programs Directorate, Office of Infrastructure Protection, through the National Infrastructure Protection Program Security & Resilience Challenge which is implemented by The National Institute For Hometown Security (NIHS).

Stories of Innovation - Cybersecurity

The Business Case for Cyber Threat Information Sharing

In partnership with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Institute for Hometown Security (NIHS), NTCA recently announced that it is exploring the creation of a new Cyber-Threat Information Sharing Forum for Small Network Operators. 



NTCA Live: Cyber Wise Information Sharing Pilot 

Live-streamed on March 26, 2019

NTCA held a live web event with NTCA Director of Industry and Policy Analysis Jesse Ward and Cybersecurity Consultant Scott Algeier to discuss the business case for cyber-threat information sharing and how you can participate in the association’s free forthcoming Small Network Operator Information Sharing Pilot.


Participating in the Small Network Operator Cyber-Threat Information Sharing Pilot will help your company:

  • Better understand and manage cyber threats
  • Collaborate with your peers to further analyze, understand and mitigate cyber attacks
  • Gain access to information about cyber-threats in near real-time, including a free daily cyber-threat report distributed during the pilot
  • Elevate cybersecurity across the rural broadband industry
  • Shape the development of a sustained information sharing forum to meet the needs of small telecom operators across the country


Contact Us

For more information about the NTCA Cyber Wise Information Sharing Pilot Program, contact:
Jesse Ward
NTCA Director of Industry & Policy Analysis
(703) 351-2007