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Welcome to My NTCA Benefits—a self-service online portal to administer your NTCA benefit plans. The portal makes it easier than ever for you to navigate and manage your company benefits. With My NTCA Benefits, you can:

  • Access and pay your benefit plan bills
  • View company and benefit plan participant data
  • Create powerful reports

Online Benefits Administration for Participants is Now Available! 

NTCA recently launched this new online portal for your employees, directors and retirees and it was used by participants to make 2020 open enrollment elections. Watch this short video to see how the new My NTCA Benefits participant portal will also be used by individuals to navigate their benefits decisions as employment and life events happen.

Latest News + Announcements

January 28, 2020
February Benefits Program Bills
GHP and R&S Program bills are available to view and download from My NTCA Benefits. Reminder: You can setup recurring ACH payment so your bill payment is automatically initiated each month. Make this election online using My NTCA Benefits. Detailed instructions are found in the Member Reference Guide.

December 9, 2019
Benefit Election Reporting 
Reminder - The Benefit Election report is available so company administrators can get detailed information on participants' annual enrollment elections. This report includes 2019 elections as well as 2020 elections for your participants, making it easier for administrators to identify potential changes in payroll records. Here are the steps to generate the Benefit Election report:

  • Login to the member portal at  
  • Click on the reporting icon. 
  • Under Custom Reports, select the 'Benefit Election' report. 
  • Select your filter criteria.
  • The 'Event Date' field will be pre-populated with '01/01/2020'.
  • Click 'Run Report' and results will appear on screen.  
  • Download the report to a CSV file for additional data sorting and analysis using Excel. 

On Demand Resources

Preparing for Annual Enrollment With My NTCA Benefits
September 26, 2019
This recorded webinar will help you prepare for 2020 open enrollment and the opening of My NTCA Benefits for benefit plan participants. NTCA subject matter experts preview the new portal and discuss how it will be used by your participants for annual enrollment elections. 


Diving Into Your Data With My NTCA Benefits
April 29, 2019   
This webinar provides an in-depth review of how to access company and participant data, along with powerful new reporting tools.



Navigating My NTCA Benefits to Manage Your Company Benefits
January 10, 2019
This introductory webinar demonstrates key features of My NTCA Benefits. The presenter shows you how to access and pay benefit plan bills online, and describes “need to know” information to effectively navigate through the portal.  


Video Tutorials

This introductory video will navigate you through the log in process and show you how to view and pay your NTCA benefit plan bills. 

This video will show you how to locate and view your company and participant information on My NTCA Benefits.

This short video will also take you through the steps to run powerful reports from the portal.

Member Reference Guide

From viewing and paying your NTCA benefit plan bills to accessing detailed company and participant data, this reference guide includes step-by-step instructions and screenshots to help you navigate your online portal.

Administrator Toolkit for My NTCA Benefits Participant Portal 

We know member company representatives are on the front line helping your employees learn about your company-sponsored benefits. This toolkit provides a variety of resources you can use in your workplace to educate your employees on getting started and using My NTCA Benefits to make decisions about their benefit plans.

To download PDFs, click on the link, open the file and right click to save. For best results, save the file prior to starting your entry into the fillable versions. 




Presentation Slides

Videos/Online Learning

This short fun video shows telco employee "Bob" going paperless using My NTCA Benefits for his annual enrollment elections.

This in-depth video tutorial guides participants through the My NTCA Benefits portal, including the self-registration process, making online annual enrollment elections, and other self-service benefits administration features.

Frequently Asked Questions

My NTCA Benefits Member Portal

What is My NTCA Benefits

This self-service portal provides a quick and effective way for HR/benefits administrators to manage your company benefits. The portal is a secure web-based site encrypted using socket layers (SSL) and digital certificates. Member administrator passwords are encrypted using a secure hash algorithm (SHA-2).  

Who has access to use My NTCA Benefits for our company?

Each member company has a profile on My NTCA Benefits, and initial access is restricted to the primary benefits administrator for the company. Other individuals within your company or agents of your organization such as payroll administrators can be provided access with appropriate authorization. Access is roles-based, and different levels of access can be assigned by NTCA staff to your company personnel. 

If your company has subsidiaries, the same member administrator can manage benefits for the parent company and all subsidiaries. Flexibility is also available so different company personnel can be designated as the administrator of each entity. 

How do I login to the portal, and do I use the same login credentials to access the NTCA website and Member Central?

The portal URL is and NTCA provides each member company representative a username and a temporary password to access My NTCA Benefits. You will update your password using self-service functions on the portal. 

You will continue to use your current NTCA website login and password to access Member Central for management of your company’s membership information, viewing and paying your member dues, managing subscriptions to publications and registering for NTCA meeting and events. A separate user name and password is assigned to manage your company benefits with My NTCA Benefits.

What functions are available on My NTCA Benefits to member company administrators?

Authorized company representatives currently use the portal to: 

  • Access and pay your NTCA benefit plan bills.
  • View company data and participant information.
  • Generate on-demand reports.

Enhanced self-service functions will be added by the end of 2019 so administrators can provide online notification of new hires, employee terminations and retirements, and other personnel-related activity impacting your NTCA benefits. You will also have a real-time view of the benefit elections made by your participants.

Was the member portal involved with 2020 open enrollment processing?

You were not able to use My NTCA Benefits to make company-level plan changes for the 2020 enrollment process since a completed adoption agreement form was required for most changes. Your member relations manager and NTCA benefits staff assisted your company in reviewing plan options and provided the appropriate adoption agreement(s) for plan changes. Updated adoption agreements should have been returned to NTCA B&E staff for processing and updates to the member portal. You were able to use the reporting tools on My NTCA Benefits to monitor the status of annual enrollment elections and benefit decisions made by your participants. 

My NTCA Benefits Participant Portal

Will our employees have a self-service tool to manage their benefits online? 

We recently launched a secure self-service portal for participants. The portal is a web-based site available 24/7/365. It can be accessed from most devices including computers, tablets and smart phones. Although there is currently not an app for My NTCA Benefits, it is a mobile-friendly site. 

The portal is highly customized and will display information specific to the NTCA benefit plans offered by your company. For example, the NTCA Flex Plan will not be displayed if is not offered to your participants.

Additional functionality will be released in 2020. Stay tuned for more information.

Who has access to the My NTCA Benefits participant portal?

All participants in the NTCA benefit plans can use this portal, including active employees, directors, retirees, surviving spouses and individuals on COBRA extensions of coverages. Dependents, such as the spouse of an active employee, were not provided login credentials to the portal since access is authenticated from the participant’s personally identifiable information. 

How do participants register and get access to the portal? 

The URL is ntcabenefits.ntca.orgEach person must register before logging into the portal. The first step is to select the “Register” button on the main login page and then follow a self-guided online registration process. Some basic identifying information is required including:

  • Social Security number
  • Birth date
  • Zip code of the person’s current mailing address
  • Email 

This information is validated to records maintained by NTCA benefits, and additional security-related questions must be answered before a user ID (e.g., login code) is provided to the individual. After identity is confirmed, the participant establishes a unique password as part of the registration process.  

After this one-time registration, the participant can enter their login code and password to access the portal. 

Quick Tip: Provide your participants with the “Getting Started With My NTCA Benefits” flyer, a  simple step-by-step guide  to register and login to the portal.

How can I assist my participants if they cannot register or forget their login code or password to access the portal?

Successful registration is the first step to access the portal. If an individual receives error messages when completing the self-registration process, they should contact NTCA benefits resource specialists at (828) 281-9000 or at, Monday–Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET for assistance. 

After registration is successfully completed, encourage your participants to use the self-help features found on the main login page. They can retrieve a login code and reset their password following simple on-screen instructions.  This includes a recent enhancement where registered participants with locked accounts can request a link to reset their password. 

Quick Tip: The login code is the participant’s 6-digit alternate ID # assigned by NTCA. If this ID # is more than 6 digits, the last 6 digits in the number is the login code. Participants in the GHP medical and dental plans should be familiar with the alternate ID # since it is included on the GHP ID card. Company administrators can find the alternate ID # in the participant record on the My NTCA Benefits member portal. 

What data is included on the participant portal?

Most historical data related to the participant’s and his/her dependent’s benefits coverages and plan elections has been converted into the new portal. Contact and other demographic information is also included. Beneficiary designations previously made by the participant remain valid but will not be shown on the portal at initial registration. All participants are required to add their designations to this new electronic record and, once entered, the online designation supersedes earlier designations on file with NTCA benefits. 

Social security numbers are not displayed except when a participant is adding a dependent or updating beneficiary designations. 

How can the portal be used by participants?

In 2019 the participant portal launched for 2020 open enrollment elections by participants. The portal is used by participants to:

  • Enter January 1, 2020, Savings Plan contribution elections.
  • Update personal contact information.
  • Manage beneficiary designations. 
  • Access benefit confirmation statements. 
  • Get educational resources and access related NTCA benefits websites such as the claims inquiry system.

Enhanced self-service functions will be added to the participant portal in 2020. These functions will allow new plan participants to enroll in the NTCA benefit plans and current participants can add or drop dependents for HIPAA-qualifying events. Paper enrollment forms will be completed by participants for these employment and life events and submitted to NTCA by HR/benefits administrators until these new features are available.

My NTCA Benefits and Open Enrollment - Open Enrollment for 2020 is Closed

How will I know when the portal is open for my participants?

NTCA notified each company's HR/benefits administrator as soon as the portal was ready for use by your participants for 2020 open enrollment. These notices to members started October 15 and were completed October 30. Open enrollment for your participants began immediately after your notification. Access to this annual election event will close on November 8.

NTCA benefits sets the annual enrollment event opening and closing dates shown on the participant portal. There is not currently an option for each company administrator to establish the opening or closing of the annual enrollment election period displayed on the portal. 

Will my participants see cost-sharing information on the portal?

If you completed and returned your cost-sharing arrangement worksheet to NTCA by September 30, the portal will display costs by the employer and participant. In situations where the cost-sharing arrangement is unique or highly complex, the portal will display a total cost and include a message for the participant to contact your company for more information about costs. 

Will I announce the portal opening to our plan participants, or will NTCA notify our participants directly? 

Member company administrators should announce open enrollment and online elections using My NTCA Benefits to your employees, directors and retirees included on your company bills. You can determine when you want to start that notification process. NTCA is notifying retirees billed directly for benefit plan coverages as well as all individuals on COBRA extensions of coverages.

Which participants will use My NTCA Benefits when the portal opens in October 2019?

All benefit plan participants have access to this new online tool and are encouraged to register and obtain their login credentials when the portal opened for your company. It is to be used by all participants, including active employees, directors, retirees and individuals on COBRA extensions of GHP coverages, to make their 2020 GHP plan elections. Even if your company does not offer GHP or Flex plans, does offer GHP and is not making any plan changes in 2020, and/or the participant is not enrolled in GHP or Flex plans, the portal is an online tool for participants to update contact information and manage beneficiary designations. Also, Savings Plan participants should make their contribution elections for January 2020 online, so we recommend all member companies announce the opening of My NTCA Benefits to your employees. 

What options will be available to individuals without access to a computer to make their annual enrollment elections?

Please contact your member relations manager for additional discussion on options for your active employees and directors to access technology within the workplace. We anticipate there may be some retirees with limited or no access to computers or a mobile device and, in those cases, we will accept 2020 elections using a hard copy election form. HR/benefits administrators should contact NTCA benefits for an election form that can be used by your retirees.

Do participants have options to change their online elections, and how am I involved in that process?

Company administrators do not approve or confirm the online elections made by plan participants. Participants can modify their elections online until the closing date of open enrollment. After the annual enrollment event closes on the portal, contact NTCA B&E Specialists to assist your participants that may need to modify their 2020 elections. 

Will any hard copy enrollment forms be completed by participants using My NTCA Benefits to manage their benefits?

Most forms will be eliminated. If a form is required, it will be included as part of the annual enrollment process. For example, if a participant designates a non-spouse beneficiary for the Savings Plan, a Spousal Consent form must be completed by the participant, notarized and returned to NTCA. 

What should participants do if they have problems updating beneficiaries on the portal when making their annual enrollment elections?

Since opening the portal for annual enrollment elections by participants, we have become aware that some individuals have experienced issues when adding multiple beneficiaries or someone not covered as a dependent on their benefit plan(s). While we encourage participants to update beneficiaries during the annual enrollment election event, they can skip this step if they experience issues. 

Please assure your employees that all beneficiary designations currently on file with NTCA will remain in effect until a new beneficiary election is completed. Beneficiary elections can be submitted using these forms if someone is unable to make updates using the portal. 

BE07 - Beneficiary Designation Form - NTCA Sponsored Retirement & Security Program 
BE08 - Beneficiary Designation Form - NTCA Sponsored Savings Plan 
BE09 - Beneficiary Designation Form - NTCA Sponsored Group Health Program 

Why do participants see “999” as the current Savings Plan contribution election percentage in the Savings Plan step in the annual enrollment election event?

At initial access to the portal, a default value of “999” is shown as the participant’s current contribution election since NTCA did not maintain election percentages in our prior record-keeping system. Participants should not be alarmed as this is just a placeholder value until they input their January 2020 contribution percentage. Entry of a Savings Plan contribution percentage is required before the enrollment election event can be finalized. 

We suggest including your employees’ current contribution elections in your communications as that may assist each person’s decision-making during the online election process.  

How will I know the status of my participants’ use of the portal for annual enrollment elections, and their final election decisions, so our payroll records are correctly updated?  

On-demand reporting is available to HR/benefits administrators using the My NTCA Benefits member portal. The “Enrollment Status” report will indicate if your participants have completed their 2020 enrollment elections. To generate this report:

  • Login to the member portal at and click on the reporting icon. 
  • Under Standard Reports, select the ‘Enrollment Status’ report. 
  • Input the report criteria and select ‘Annual Enrollment’ as the event. 
  • Input the ‘Start event effective date’ as ‘2020-01-01’. Leave the ‘End event effective date’ and ‘Select as of date’ blank.
  • Click ‘Run Report’ and results will appear on screen.  
  • Download the report to a CSV file for additional data sorting and analysis using Excel.  

A date in the ‘Elections Last Saved’ column on the Enrollment Status Report means the participant has completed their annual enrollment election. This report will help you identify participants that may need a reminder on the open enrollment deadline.

Training materials such as the Member Reference Guide and other resources are available at with detailed instructions on these reporting tools.  

We anticipate email notifications will be available in the future, so HR/benefits administrators are notified when participants make online elections and changes to their benefit plans and/or contact information.